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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hey loves !

I know its been a while since I've posted but I have been so busy working and being an active participant in my sons school PTA. For all of my mommy followers I am sure you know how that becomes so time consuming. But I did manage to find some time to work on some Halloween makeup looks for all of you. I know last year I received a few requests and wasn't able to create them for you. I am still hoping to work on a few more.. Please let me know if you have any specific requests and I hope these ideas help out. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to comment or email me.

The first look I did was inspired by Miss Argentina from the Beetlejuice movie of course I put my own twist to it and made it my own. But her green skin was definitely what inspired me to create this look. Plus I had this big jug of liquid latex that I was dying to play around with. I would call this my version of a girl who got her throat slashed and/or bitten and became infected with a zombie virus. LoL Yes my dears I LOVE ZOMBIES and Halloween is supposed to be scary and gory.

Another angle
Look at those veins!
Love how the liquid latex worked out!
Look #2: Aztec princess
For those of you needing a quick Halloween makeup idea for those last minute parties.
You can always change up the colors to what you prefer or have on hand.
Look#3: Sugar skull (Glam Version)
You can always alter to suit your choice of colors and fill in the whole eye instead of using sequins and all the sparkle.
I hope you like these looks and as always I welcome your questions, comments and requests...
If I don't post again soon I hope you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween!
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Beauty Favorites

All month long I found myself reaching for products that made my morning routine a little faster. With all of the health issues I've been having the past few months I have been keeping my makeup looks super quick and simple. Even though I kept my makeup simple this past month I still wanted to share my favorites for the month because if you are a makeup lover as I am I would completely recommend adding some of these products to your makeup collection.


I have been using my Smashbox Photo finish pore minimizing primer before I apply my foundation. I love the way it smoothes out my face. I have pores that look like craters and this works like magic on my skin.

I didn't use foundation too heavily during the month of august but when I did I used my MAC Cosmetics studio fix fluid. When I wanted a lighter coverage I added a few drops of this foundation onto the palm of my hand and mixed it in with my moisturizer and created my own tinted moisturizer. I only do this on the day I feel like I need some coverage but don't feel like wearing a full face of makeup.

To be honest my concealer hasn't really changed in the past few months! I alternate between a few others but I always come back to my holy grail. The Maybelline fit me concealer is in my opinion one of the best drugstore concealers out there! Its a light weight consistency but still offers a beautiful coverage. My dark under eye circles aren't too bad so this works perfectly for me.

My two NYX Cosmetics products that I used like crazy this month are the contour and highlight shades that I put into a magnetic palette and the NYX blush in Angel. Its a beautiful color! Just enough pink to add color to the cheeks without it making you look like a clown.

I can't put on concealer without setting it with the Make Up Forever HD powder in Translucent. It keeps my concealer in place all day and completely prevents it from creasing. However I gotta admit you have to make sure you don't overload this product or it will leave you looking ashy and dusty.

The Nicka K Tinted Brow Gel was perfect to keep my brows in place. I used this product after filling in my brows with my pencil and powder. I topped it off with this gel and it made them look a little more natural looking. I don't have too many brow hairs but I would assume this product would look great on fuller brows. It could add a little color and make them look a little more polished!

Lastly the Younique 3D fiber mascara has been great for those days you want dramatic lashes but don't want to bother applying false lashes. My eyes water a lot through out the day so I typically only use falsies when I know I will only have them on for a short amount of time otherwise I have to carry my lash glue with me everywhere in order to avoid my tears from making the glue come off. So on the days I cant be bothered to deal with the hassle of false lashes I use the 3D fiber mascara. I have to let you know this mascara is not for people that are in a hurry in the morning. You have to apply the transplanting gel and then the fibers and then comb through them and repeat the process until you get the desired length. If you have the time its definitely worth trying it out.

To finish off my look on the days I want a little color to my lips but don't want to bother with lipstick I use the Maybelline Baby Lips balms and the one I always reach for is in Melon Mania. It's perfect to add color and easy to apply without a mirror.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know in the comments below what else you would like to see me post this week!


Monday, August 24, 2015

My 5-Minute mommy makeup!

Hey dolls!

I have now entered the world of having a child in elementary school and have only a few minutes to myself to get ready in the morning . I wanted the most minimal look but still wanted to look awake and polished. I wouldn't want to show up to my sons school looking like a zombie!
So I thought I'd share what I used to achieve my 5-minute makeup look with all of you fellow mom's. Even if you are not a mom on the go, this would be a good look for those of you who go to school (high School, college etc.) Of course you can always customize this look with the products that work best for your skin, or complexion. You can also add products as needed such as concealer, bronzer etc. I personally do not suffer from very dark circles under my eyes therefore I skipped the concealer this morning and just concentrated on making my skin look healthy and even. I also skipped the mascara because my eyes typically water pretty badly in the mornings and since it was my sons first day of kinder I figured I would probably be shedding a couple of tears anyway so I didn't see a point to adding mascara to my look today...

I began by moisturizing and evening out my skin tone. My favorite way to achieve that when I am in a hurry is by using the Origins Vita-zing sheer tint moisturizer. Kills two birds with one stone by moisturizing my skin while at the same time adding a little coverage to my skin without it looking cakey or like you're wearing too much.

You can purchase this product at any Sephora, Macys, Nordstrom or Origins store.

I then powdered my face with my favorite of the moment. The Maybelline Fit-Me powders work wonders for me. I used a powder puff and pressed the powder into the skin. I prefer using that method for this look because it helps add coverage versus using a brush would simply dust the face to set the makeup.

Can be purchased at any Walmart, target, walgreens or cvs stores.

Since I hardly have any brows I lightly pencil mine in and then use a little powder to set them in place and keep the pencil from simply melting off. I use the Maybelline define-a-brow pencil in taupe and set them with a brown powder shadow from the Sonia Kashuk Eye-on-neutral palette.

As you can see I love this palette!
At this point if you would like to add a little bronzer to help warm up the skin or for those of you that don't dare go without blush you can apply it at this point.

After all the steps I finished off my look with my favorite makeup setting spray. And you're all done! This look is quick, easy and simple enough to ensure you look put together during those hectic mornings!


Friday, May 1, 2015

Long time no see...

Hey dolls,
I apologize for abandoning my blog here but from my last post on here I have since moved to a new place and has taking me a while to adjust and get everything situated. But I have finally gotten my makeup room all organized and functional therefore I will be posting some new pictorials, beauty tips, recipes, etc... I would love your input and know what you would all like to see. Any specific makeup looks, product reviews etc. Please do let me know by commenting below or via email. Also don't forget I also have an instablog  on instagram which is where I post almost daily. It is so much easier to keep up with it. But I promise I will definitely no longer neglect my blog here. I hope you are all doing well and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and readership.

                                                     - Alex XoXo

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bridal series for ( bold and elegant)

Hello and Happy November everyone!

Can you believe it? We are so close to the beginning of a new year. I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone by. I wanted to kick off the month of November with a new series of makeup looks and pictorials. This awesome company contacted me and asked me to create a few looks for them that they can pair up with some gorgeous wedding gowns. The company is called and you can use their site to find everything you need for your perfect wedding. So they sent me me a few photos of some beautiful wedding gowns as inspiration and gave me complete artistic freedom to create the looks as I would for an actual client. Of course I had to begin this series with the gown that caught my attention first. Not only does is feature one of my favorite colors but I loved how by adding a little touch of color to the dress made it edgy but still very elegant. Because the dress is a little out there from the usual classic white dress I decided to focus on the eyes for this look and do a dramatic and bold look, while still keeping it classy and not too disco ball.


 I felt that any bride that were to choose this type of wedding dress  is definitely different and out there. Therefore I wanted to go bold and continue with the purple theme. So I made the eyes the main  focus and kept the lips very neutral so that I wouldn't take too much away from what is the main focal point of this dress. Which is the beautiful pattern and color at the lower half of the dress. It definitely gives off a beautiful funky vibe and that definitely inspired me to create this look. 



Step 1: Always start out by priming the lid with an eye base or primer to keep your eye shadows from creasing and ensure they stay put until you're ready for it to come off.
Quick tip: As you can see I have a strip of tape on along the eye. This is to help as a guide as to where to place the eye shadow and ensures you don't go beyond a certain point and it also help you get a perfect crisp line when applying eye liner. So if you have trouble with your liner this is a perfect trick for you.

Step 2: After you place that tape start the look off by adding your transition shade. This shade should be a soft brown. This will help add a slight warmth to the look and it will also help you blend out any other shades you place in the same area. So using a fluffy blending brush start sweeping that soft brown shade in a windshield wiper motion going back and forth from one end of the eye to the other and blend it upwards.

Step 3: Using a darker brown start carving out your crease by applying it into the hollows of your eye and sweeping it back and forth trying to focus that shade on the outer V of the eye. Don't forget to blend, blend, blend!

Step 4: With a flat shader brush apply a shimmery champagne shade onto the lid only using a patting motion. By patting it onto the lid it will concentrate the look only where you are patting it. 

Step 5: Using any vibrant purple shadow of your choice and a more densely packed blending brush start out by applying it into the outer V of the eye and blending inwards towards the tear duct but keeping it all in your crease.

Quick tip: When using vibrant colors apply the shadows a little at a time. Remember you can always add more but it is harder to remove once its been applied. Applying it little by little avoids you having to start over if you have applied too much.

Step 6: After I applied the shadows and felt that they have been blended enough I then used my Lorac 3D liquid lustre in the shade Diamond. Which is essentially a liquid form of glitter. Using my finger I patted it onto the area where I had applied the champagne shade. 

Then finish off your look with liner, false lashes and using the same purple shadow smoke out your lower lash line. 

I kept the rest of the face fairly neutral by adding warmth to the skin with a bronzer and peachy pink blush and nude lips. The eyes should be the main focus to this look.

I hope you enjoyed this look and if you are interested in what products I used to achieve this look don't hesitate to leave me a comment below. Always remember that when doing any bold eye look blending is key. 
Also don't forget to check out the company and stay tuned this week for the rest of the wedding looks. 


                                      You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

End of summer giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hey dolls,
Sadly we are getting close to the end of summer but I wanted to end it by bringing you an awesome giveaway. This giveaway is also as a Thank you for sticking by me and interacting with me on my blog and my other social media outlets. I always look forward to reading all of your comments and creating new looks and giving you all a little peek into my everyday life. So please keep the comments, requests and questions coming. Okay that all being said let's move onto the giveaway details...

The prizes: 

I wanted to give away some of my favorite products that I personally loved using this summer. I hope the lucky winner will love them too!

Not only am I giving away these products I was also lucky enough to get some amazing ladies to sponsor this giveaway.  

First up is my good long time friend Kathy also known as @beauty_kat on Instagram and honeygem7 on YouTube. For all of my lovely Spanish speaking followers you should check out her beauty channel on YouTube. She has great makeup looks on there!
One lucky winner will not only get all of the goodies pictured above but will also receive all of these from Kathy..

And now last but certainly not least is a lovely and generous lady that has sponsored my blog before and will be sponsoring this giveaway as well. That lady is Brooke from Jordans essentials bath and body. Go check out and like her facebook fan page for more info on her company's products and a chance to win free samples and more giveaway products.

She is so kind to sponsor my giveaway with this awesome Lotion Bar. It is made with beeswax and other natural oils that are beneficial to the skin. This solid bar of lotion helps seal in moisture, and lasts for months!

Go check out and like her pages.

The rules:

- Only one entry allowed, if you enter the giveaway via my blog you cannot enter via instagram.
- You must leave a comment below in order to be entered into the giveaway.

This is a U.S. Only giveaway! I am sorry but for now I cannot cater to my international followers. But I promise I will have an international giveaway soon.
Giveaway will run from 8/20 - 9/30  will close at midnight on the 30th of september and the winner will be announced the next day. 

I want to Thank You all in advance for participating in my giveaway! Good luck!


Don't forget you can interact with me via instagram @everydaylifeandbeauty and via Twitter @lifebeautyblog

BellaPierre Cosmetics Review/Pictorial

Like what you see? Then check out the rest of this blog post to learn how to achieve this look.

Hey dollies,

Today I am bringing you a new pictorial and review all in one post. The BellaPierre Cosmetics company was kind enough to send me these products to try out.

 For the past week I have been playing around with them and been creating a series of looks using their amazing pigments. I am so blown away by the quality and the textures to all of these products. As soon as I opened the package they sent I instantly fell in love with this pigment in particular:

(Color shown: Wild Lilac)

I would describe it as a raspberry/mauve color with the most amazing shimmer to it. It's a must for any makeup addicts collection.  

I also fell head over heels for the lip/cheek stain they sent me. 

It is the perfect everyday and/or nude pink lip color. I love how soft and pigmented it is. It is the type of lip and cheek color that will go perfectly with any makeup look.

I must admit after testing out the products and checking out their website and prices they are definitely a high end cosmetics company. In other words they are not cheap! But as my hubby always says you get what you pay for. If and when you purchase from them know that you are getting high quality products.  Their pigments are smooth and extremely opaque and glide on the skin like butter. The lip and cheek stain is a dual purpose product which I love! It's great for those of us that are moms on the go but still love to look polished and put together. This will definitely become one of those quick no think items that I have to carry in my bag at all times. 

They also sent me an HD primer that really smoothed out my fine lines and pores. The only thing I did not like about it was the texture. Not because it's bad because it's actually a great product and it really does do what the description says it does. But because I personally do not enjoy silicone/velvet type of textures. In other words I would personally not gravitate towards purchasing this type of primer but nonetheless it is a great base for your makeup and I will absolutely continue to use it. Oh and not to mention they get an A+ for their packaging. I love how sleek and simple everything is! I am not one to go coo coo for crazy, outrageous and wasteful packaging!

Before anyone says anything allow me to throw a little disclaimer out there. YES! They did send me these products at no cost to me but I will always give you my sincere and honest opinions. Also remember everyone has different skin types and complexions so what works for one person may or may not work the same for another.  That being said let's move on to my first pictorial using The BellaPierre Cosmetics.

Products Used:

You should always start out by priming your lid with a good eye shadow base or primer to ensure the longevity of your products and to prevent the natural oils in your lids to cause your powders and creams from creasing.

Step 1: Using the Physicians formula quad in canyon classics (pictured above) Tap a fluffy blending brush into one of the light tan shades or any soft brown shadow you have lying around and place it into your crease using a side to side windshield wiper motion. Due to the fact that I have hooded lids I use this technique to help carve out a crease and prevent from going too far up with any shadow.

Step 2: Using a more densely packed blending brush I applied the Jordana E/S in Auburn right under the crease color I applied in the first step. Doing this step adds depth to the eye look and carves out the crease even further. 

Step 3: Using one of the lighter shades from the pigment stack (Dejzvous) and a wet flat shadow brush I placed the pigment into the first half of the lid. Use a patting motion in order to avoid fall out. 

Step 4: Using the gorgeous (Wild Lilac) color from the stack and the same wet brush place it on the rest of the lid with the same patting motion. 

Step 5: I used one of the darker brown shades (Lava) from the stack and placed it on the outer-v of the eye. 

Step 6: Now this step is optional. I applied a little more the Jordana shadow in Auburn to my crease because I felt I had lost some of the intensity.  But you can skip this step if you don't feel the need to intensify your look.

Step 7: In the same order that I applied the previous pigments I also placed them the same way under my lower lash line, but that step is also optional as you can simply apply one color instead of all three.

Last step, I applied the beautiful white shimmery shade (Snowflake) to my inner corner (tear duct area) and very lightly and softly to the brow bone as my highlight. Finish your look off with your favorite liner and top it off with a mascara of your choice. For this look I used the 3D fiber mascara by Younique but if you do not own it you can always apply some false lashes to glam up the look even further. 

This is the final look. I did take this picture near my window so the sunlight washed out some of the colors. But trust me when I say you can wear this look on a night out or tone it down lose the dark liner and make it a daytime look. 

As for the rest of my look I used the Enter Pronoun By Natalia Ramirez Blowtorch bronzer to warm up and contour my face. I outline my lips with the Ofra Cosmetics lip liner in glacier pink and then topped it off with the pink lip/cheek stain. Another great alternative would the the BellaPierre Natural Lip Liner in Nude. I set my foundation and concealer with the Tarte Amazonian Clay finishing powder. 

Side note: The brush pictured above is by Morphe Brushes they have an amazing selection of top quality professional makeup brushes. I used the one pictured to apply my face powder, My bronzer and I even contoured my face with it by pinching the bristles. I also used it to apply my cheek stain and it blended it out beautifully. Such a versatile brush and so soft. Definitely worth purchasing!

I will be including all of the links to all of these products so you can check them out! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and pictorial and stay tuned for more looks, reviews and an upcoming giveaway from me and a few sponsors..  Subscribe and keep an eye out for the chance to be the lucky winner!