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Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Sparkle!

Hello everyone,

I created a very pretty purple eye look with a whole lot of sparkle, perfect for any holiday party or for those of you who love to wear bold glittery looks. Hope you enjoy it and if you would like a list of all the products I used to complete the look please don't hesitate to drop me a line....

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Please vote for me!

Hello all of my lovely readers,

I hope you have been having a great week so far, I never do this but I'm about to ask you if you can please vote for me. I never really enter contests because I have the worst luck I never win anything but I decided to take a chance and I entered a contest that is being done through my makeup artistry school and I need at least 50 votes or more if possible. I would so greatly appreciate if you could click on the link below and vote for me. Thank you so much in advance!
Wishing you all happy Thursday!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone!

From my family to yours we wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday season. May you all have a beautiful Christmas and a very Happy and prosperous NEW YEAR.


Holiday Glam!

Hey everyone,

My family and I recently dolled ourselves up for our mini photo shoot. We decided to go Eco-friendly this year for our holiday greeting cards, so we took our own pictures and will be emailing them to our friends and family members. Just figured since for the most part everyone we know including our mommas LoL are online now. Why waste paper and stamps? Right?
Anyway I just wanted to share the holiday glam look I wore for my pictures. I went with a smoky eye with gold glitter and bold red lips and for some pictures I softened the lips to a more nude color.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday yesterday!
Happy Holidays,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A little shimmer and a lot of PURPLE!

Hola everyone!

I woke up today in a mood for a dramatic eye look. I've had this gorgeous Wet'n'wild palette for a while now and I have been wanting to use it but for some reason it keeps getting overlooked. So finally today I decided to pull it out and play around with it. For those of you interested in seeing how I did this look I've created a step by step pictorial.

Products I used on my eyes:

 Step 1: Prime( I used the Wet'N'Wild Take on the day By Fergie primer.)

Step 2: I added the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded to the center of my lid.

Step 3: Using a fluffy brush I added a soft brown to my crease to add warmth to this cool look.

Step 4: Using a NYX jumbo eye pencil in Purple I applied it to the inner & outer corners of my eye and slightly below the crease.

Step 5: Blend that purple base, staying away from the center of the lid.

Step 6: Once your base is blended well, apply a bright/shimmery purple to the same areas you applied the base to and don't forget to blend that shadow as well.

Step 7: Blend, Blend and Blend some more! Blending is the key in order to avoid harsh lines.

Step 8: I chose to darken up the outer corners just a bit by using a darker shade of purple from the same palette.

Step 9: I blended the outer corner and added some more of that soft brown to the crease.

Step 10: Apply a highlight color to your brow bone. I chose to use a matte cream color, I didn't want to add any shimmer to the brow bone since the rest of the eye is pretty bright and dramatic.

Step 11: Add a shimmery shade to the center of the lid and blend it into the corners just slightly to have the colors transition into each other nicely.

Step 12: I applied a mid-tone purple and a touch of the sparkly black from the palette to my lower lash line and blended it together to give it a smoky look.

Step 13: Is completely OPTIONAL! I felt the shimmer on the center of the lid needed something extra so I used a shimmery gold shadow.

Step 14: Finish off your eye look with your favorite black liner and mascara. I used a black pencil liner to rim my inner and outer lash line. You can certainly add false lashes to this look if you would like to of course!
And after all those crazy long steps you're done with the eyes!
Here's what I used on the rest of my face:
I hope you enjoyed the makeup look I wore today as much as I did! As always please don't forget to comment and subscribe....

Friday, November 8, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect!

For the past few weeks the hubby and I have been hitting the gym and we're on a mission to lose some weight. Seeing as that we have a very active 3 year old it's not cool when you're trying to run around and play with him and get winded after only a few minutes. LOL So we have decided that it's time to too lose a few pounds and get in shape, so that we are able to keep up with our son. I know that many people including myself have imperfections that they wish they could change and some do by getting cosmetic surgery etc. For me my number one imperfection that I dislike is my weight and luckily it is an imperfection that I can transform without needing surgical help. Upon some reflection about my flaws I do have some that although they are not my favorite I would not change them because I feel they add character and connect me in some way to my family.

For example the scar above my lip, is from a fall I had in my childhood home. I was 3 years old and a little too curious and decided it would be a good idea to climb a book self and then realized it was not nailed down and needless to say it came down and myself along with it. I was pinned against the wall and there was blood everywhere. LoL I laugh about it now but apparently my mother didn't think it was too funny at the time. That little experience left me with a scar that never fully faded. Another imperfection would be my nose. I'm not entirely fond of it and I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of my sister's little button noses. However I would not change my nose because it looks exactly like my mother's nose and I feel it's a special facial feature that we share. I suppose what I am trying to say is that no matter what imperfections or flaws you may have although they give character to your appearance they don't complete you. You can be beautiful and flawless on the outside but be ugly and horrible on the inside. I rather keep my imperfections and have a beautiful soul!

I hope my reflections help any of you that may have been feeling in any way uncomfortable with your outer appearance. Always remember looks fade with time but personalities don't! Be yourself and love yourself! A beautiful soul is the best quality one can have!

Wishing you all an awesome weekend!

Don't hesitate to share your perfect imperfections in the comments below.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Easy smokey eye! (Using all drugstore products)

Hey dolls,
As requested I've created this easy Smokey eye using the least amount of products and minimal steps possible for beginners. I also tried using all drugstore products so this look is very affordable and you may already have some of these makeup goodies in your makeup collection. I hope you all enjoy this look and please excuse the lighting, I'm working on getting a ring light soon. I will be listing all of the products used below and please don't forget to comment and subscribe. Stay tuned for more looks for less. As always I welcome any comments, requests and suggestions.



Products used on my face:
- Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation in: Natural beige
- NYX concealer in a jar in: Beige (used to outline my brows and extra coverage on my nose under the foundation.)
- Maybelline Instant age rewind eraser in: light (used under my eyes for brightening)
- Essence I heart Stage eye shadow base
- Rimmel Stay Matte shine control powder in: 004 Sandstorm (to set my foundation)
- NYX Highlight & Contour duo (Bronzer used to contour my face & the highlight to set my under eye concealer.)
-  elf  Eyebrow kit in: Medium
- Maybelline Define-a-brow in: Medium brown
- NYX Blush in: Stone
- Covergirl Cheekers in: Natural rose (used to softly blend and lighten the NYX blush
- Essence lipliner in: in the nude
- Essence XXXL shine lip gloss in: Nude Candy ( love this gloss, it's not sticky at all)


For the eyes:
- Maybelline Shadow single in: Earthly taupe (used to blend out colors)
- Mark shadow single in: Corset ( this color can be substituted by any drugstore charcoal grayish color)
- Jordana Eye shadow duo in: Good Match
- Wet'n'Wild Coloricon collection in: Comfort zone (Brow bone color as highlight and inner corners)
- L'Oreal The Super Slim liquid liner in: Black
- Rimmel Scandaleyes in: Nude (used on the waterline to make eyes appear larger but if you have larger eyes use a black liner in the waterline instead.)
- L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black
- Covergirl Clump Crusher in: Black (waterproof)

Now that you've seen all of the makeup goodies I used to achieve this look let's move onto the pictorial so that you can re-create this look step-by-step.

I hope this post has been helpful and please send me your recreations. I would love to see your end results!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aging myself from 28 to 78 in less than an hour.

Hello subbies how are you all on this lovely fall day? Continuing with my Halloween looks in under an hour here is one more for those of you whom are looking to transform yourself into an older woman or even a man you can follow the same idea just make sure to also age any facial hair you may have.

Items needed:
- Eye liner brush or thin paint brush
- Blending brushes
- White cream Halloween makeup (to create grey hairs)
- Eye shadows (browns and bone or skin colors for highlighting and contouring)
- Liquid or cream foundation to create your base
- Brown eye liner
- Pressed or loose powders
- Primers for (face and eyes)

I started off my transformation with a freshly clean and moisturized face. I applied some face primer and eye primer to ensure the makeup lasts.


Apply your base of choice whether it is in liquid or cream form. Make sure to set it with a loose or pressed powder.

Make sure you have several different shades of browns to create your shadows and lines on the face.

Using brown liner I drew lines where I already have natural lines and wrinkles. But if you are very young or have amazing genes make sure to frown or scrunch your face and find where you would naturally have wrinkles and lines. I then drew lines with the brown liner and topped them with brown shadow and blended them making them look more realistic. I did this all over my face and a little down my neck to give the appearance of sagging skin. I highlighted between all the wrinkles with a bone or flesh color to create a highlight and shadow effect. Using the white cream costume makeup and a brush I painted in grey hairs into my brows and hair, and using my finger I patted it in just a bit to make them look more natural.  Once you have completed all of these steps your end result should look something like this:

28 to 78 in under an hour.
Lol I look like my grandmother!
Enjoy and hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Comic book pop art (halloween look)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share this look I did a few days ago. Halloween is right around the corner and I know many of you have children, siblings or friends that may need you to help them with their makeup and you may not have a whole lot of time to do some awesome elaborate looks. So I challenged myself to complete this comic book look in under 45 minutes. Obviously if  I had more time I could have done so much better but the point was to keep it simple and quick.

To make it even easier I used black cream eyeliner for all of the outlines and brows, and the white base was created with the lightest cream concealer I had in my palette and I topped it off with the most pigmented white eye shadow I own. The blue and the red are from two face paint tubes I got from my local costume shop. Hope this look helps any of you in need of a quick and easy way to participate in any Halloween activities without breaking your piggy bank.

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone!

For those of you that have stuck by me and stayed loyal subbies I would like to thank you for waiting around for me. I took a break from my site for a bit due to medical and family reasons but I'm back and will be at full force. During my absence I have used up products, tried and tested new things and I'm eager to share my always honest reviews with you all. For those of you that are new I would like to welcome you. Please subscribe, and always feel free to comment and ask questions. In the next few days I will be posting a few Halloween looks I've been working on and will be posting reviews as always.
If you have any particular products or makeup looks you would like to see please feel free to comment below or email me.

Thank you all for your patience and I look forward hearing from you all!

Love and lip gloss,

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My monthly favorites for the month of JUNE...

Hey Everyone,

So I've been trying out a few new products for the past month and I am really liking them so far.  So let's kick it off with all of the new face products I've been using.

The first is the Algenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Gel Moisturizer. You can find this product at any Sephora beauty store or website. I purchased this particular product through eBay because I wanted to try out the deluxe sample size to see if I would like it, because the full size is $65.00 at Sephora. It's definitely on the pricey side. But now that I have been using it for the past month it is definitely well worth the money. I love how light weight it feels and how quickly it is absorbed into my skin.  Therefore I give this product a 5 star rating.

 The POREfessional pro balm by: Benefit Cosmetics  has definitely become a necessary step in my daily makeup routine. It definitely performs as promised on the box. It fills in the pores and creates a nice canvas for you to be able to just glide your foundation on. Unfortunately for me my huge pores are more like craters. So this product doesn't completely erase my pores but it does minimize them and it does a better job than any other primer I've tried.  Product is available online and all Sephora stores. $30.00

Last but not least is the Lock-It Tattoo foundation by Kat Von D. I recently ran out of my Mac Studio fix fluid foundation and was on the hunt for a super full coverage foundation for those days that you want to look flawless and I came across wonderful reviews about the Lock-It tattoo foundation. But when I went to purchase it back in march the lovely ladies at Sephora told me that it would be best if I waited til May because the foundation was being reformulated and set to be back on shelves in May. Luckily for me May is my birthday month and of course I was given beauty gift cards because my family and friends know me so well and feed my crazy makeup addiction.  So for sure I went after my birthday and picked that baby up and I am so glad I waited because this foundation is amazing. It completely covers any spots or pimples you may have. I don't really use a whole lot of concealer when I wear this foundation because you don't really need to. That's how amazing this coverage is and its build-able so if you want that completely barbie plastic look then this is the foundation for you. I love the coverage and the finish it leaves on my skin. Doesn't really require me to powder too much as it leaves a velvety finish. This product is definitely a little pricey at $34.00 but so worth the money.

Those products were definitely a beauty splurge but luckily I had gift cards and cash I was given for my birthday so I didn't really come out of pocket for them.

The next products I am about to mention have absolutely become all time favorites for me. Some of you have probably heard or seen these products mentioned before but I was finally able to get my hands on them and love love love them.

The e.l.f. long-lasting lustrous eyeshadows are a shimmery whipped product with a mousse like texture. I love applying these all over my lids for a quick pop of shimmer or as a highlight for my brow bone and inner eye corners.  These are a very affordable product and can be purchased online at for only $3.00 each

I have another e.l.f. product that has become a holy grail product for me and that is the high definition powder in corrective yellow. For the past month I have been using this very finely milled powder to set the concealer under my eyes. I love that its light weight and very fine so you don't really need much to do the job. It mattifies the targeted area and brightens my under eye area.
Available at $6.00


There you have it ladies and gentlemen these products were my favorites for the month of June. Wasn't really a whole lot of products but sometimes less is more. In this case I rather show you a few amazing products that in my opinion would make great additions to your makeup collection than to show you 20 products that are only average.

I hope you all liked my review and as always I am open to answering questions and comments pertaining to these particular products or any other products that you may be wondering about or just send me a quick hello and I will definitely reply back.

Happy Tuesday!


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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Would you rather tag!

Hi everyone!

So I was going through my usual morning reads and I saw someone post this tag and I thought this would be something fun to do on my blog and tag some of my fav bloggers as well. So here we go...

1. Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lip sticks, and lip glosses or lose all of your palettes and eye shadows? I rather lose my palettes and shadows because without mascaras, liners and glosses my face just doesn't look right. lol

2. Would you rather chop off all of your hair or never be able to cut it again? My hair is super thick and grows back pretty quickly, so I rather chop it off and not have to deal with it anymore.

3. Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek? Ugh this is hard because I love both. But I suppose I usually gravitate towards a pink cheek.

4. If you had $1,000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup? Why can't I buy both? lol I guess I would rather buy clothes because at this moment I have truck loads of makeup. lol

5. Would you rather apply lip stick as eyeliner or eyeliner as lip stick? I guess with all of the eyeliner colors available now a days I'd probably prefer to apply eyeliner as lip stick.

6. Would you rather only shop at MAC or SEPHORA? Well I do have some all time favs from MAC but I rather only shop at Sephora because they have so many different brands and products that I could pick from. I prefer having a variety of products.

7. Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life? I'd probably prefer to only use one eyeshadow for the rest of my life due to the fact that my lips are naturally lightly pigmented so I can make do with only wearing a lip balm.

8. Would you rather wear winter clothes in the summer or summer clothes in the winter? Being that I come from a desert town and I now live in a humid climate I rather wear summer clothes in the winter. I rather be freezing than melting.. lol

9. Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year long? I usually enjoy wearing bright pinks and coral colors so I guess I rather wear bright nails all year long.

10. Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product? This goes back to question # 7 my lips are naturally a light pink color so I rather give up my favorite lip product.

11. Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun? I rather wear a messy bun because I can dress it up with  hair accessories.

12. Would you rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lip gloss? I am pretty attached to my makeup so I rather never paint my nails again.

13. Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in every day? Ewe sharpie them in are you serious? lol I rather shave them off..

14. Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish? I'm not a huge nail polish fanatic so I rather live without nail polish. I'm pretty attached to my makeup so that is definitely something I refuse to give up.

Well guys there are my questions and answers. I hope they give you a little more insight into the woman behind the blog. I'd like to tag any one that would like to repost this on their blog or anyone that would just like to answer the questions as a comment to this blog post. I would love to see your answers especially that eye brow one. lol

I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far and don't forget to say WOO HOOOOOO because we're nearly to the end of the week....


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sunday Funday At The Riverwalk (Downtown San Antonio)

Hey guys,

We decided to spend our Sunday at the River walk. For those of you that are not familiar with the area The River walk  is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath the streets of Downtown San Antonio, Texas, USA. Lined by bars, shops and restaurants.

Being that we are still fairly new to the area we often enjoy heading downtown for the day to walk around and do a little shopping, see the sights, enjoy a boat ride, and grab a delicious lunch or dinner in one of many delicious restaurants that are available on the river walk. We have ventured out to the river walk several times and every time we purchase our river boat tour tickets which is located inside the Aztec theater we always pass by a little shop that is located right in front of the ticket booth. We are always intrigued but for some reason never go in. Luckily on Sunday the boat tours were having a bit of time delays due to construction being done on the river and after purchasing our tickets we were told it would be about a 35 minute wait for the next boat ride so we decided to finally take a chance and try it out this shop that always catches our eye.

The shop itself is as charming as its name. " Rio De Gelato."

 Let me start off by saying that If you live in the San Antonio area or are planning to visit you MUST take a stroll down to the river walk and  visit "Rio De Gelato." The shop offers an array of food, drinks, gelato, pies, canollis and more. Everything is made from scratch and fresh ingredients. Being that we are big coffee drinkers we just had to try their coffee with steamed milk and it was amazing. They have their coffee sent to them directly from Italy.

 While we were there we all tried the Gelato which is to die for. Every single flavor was amazing we couldn't even decide on which one we wanted because they were all just so delectably delicious.

 After trying the gelatto and coffee we felt as if we had instantly been transported to Italy and we just could not leave without trying a slice of pie and a canolli.

Their pie "oh My!"

 I don't even know what words I can use to describe how delicious the berry pie is. Aside from it being so delightful they also serve you a very generous portion. While we were there the manager "Alfredo" was telling us how everything is made from scratch and with fresh ingredients. From the pie crust to the filling to the whipped cream to the fresh eggs straight from the hatchery. We also tried the canolli which the only way I can describe the taste to that would be heaven in your mouth. The cream inside was so light and not too sweet. It didn't leave a greasy feeling at all like the store bought ones do. All in all my family and I were completely blown away by the flavors, the textures and the exquisite tastes that came out of every thing that we tried. Aside from all the delightful food the manager of this establishment was as amazing as the shop. He was so pleasant and friendly and informative. He made us feel as if we were there visiting an uncle. We will definitely be going back to "Rio De Gelato" every time we go to the river walk. I absolutely recommend this place to anyone visiting or living in San Antonio.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog post for today. I will be adding the link to the official river walk website for those of you that are interested in a little more information about it. Now im off to dream about this little slice of heaven called berry pie from "Rio De Gelato."

Wishing you all an awesome week!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Makeup finds from Norstrom Rack!

Hello everyone,

So I went to my local Nordstrom Rack a few days ago and found some awesome high-end goodies at very affordable prices. Urban Decay has to be one of my all time favorite high-end makeup brands so when I saw an Urban Decay palette for only $12 bucks I just had to snatch that up and put it into my shopping cart. I also found a fabulous duo bronzer/highlight product by NYX that has definitely become an awesome part of my collection. I can't believe I hadn't gotten this product before. I also got an Urban Decay primer potion because even though it is in the old packaging this product works amazingly by helping your eye shadows stay on longer and without creasing.

Here are some swatches for you to see the colors a little bit better..

These colors are all shimmery but so easy to work with. They are so smooth and easy to blend.
I hope you all like this mini review that I shared with you. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me. Please don't forget to subscribe and connect with me through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Happy Thursday Everyone!

Gunmetal Smokey eye makeup look...

Hey Lovelies,

As requested by the very lovely "Nicoles2LilRams" from the Splendiferous group on  I created this Gunmetal Smokey eye look using all drugstore products. The lighting in the picture doesn't do the gunmetal color justice.

I personally prefer to keep my lips pretty neutral when I have a dark smokey eye but its totally up to your preference. So let's get the ball rolling with what I used to achieve this look.

Products used:


Before I applied any makeup I made to sure to start off with a clean and moisturized face. I used my usual Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture (Combination Skin) Moisturizer and I also prepped my lips and got them ready by using my favorite EOS Lip Balm in Passion Fruit.

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in: #240 Natural beige - I love this foundation it's very long-lasting and works really well with my oily complexion. I've tried applying it with sponges, and several different brushes but so far my favorite method for applying this product is by using my clean little fingers. It's a little too thick to apply with my beauty sponges and when I try using brushes I feel as if it thins out the consistency of the makeup. Therefore I use my finger and I feel it leave an even and flawless application.

Covergirl & Olay Simply ageless eye concealer in #210 Light (under the eyes) I love the creaminess of the Covergirl concealer. It's very moisturizing and has great coverage for my under eye darkness.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind dark circle eraser in:#20 Light pale (on top of covergirl concealer for added brightness under the eyes.)The maybelline concealer also works well to conceal dark circles but it has a lighter feel to it and I like the brightening effect it leaves which is why I applied this over my Covergirl concealer.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in:#004 Sandstorm (used to set foundation and concealer.) Honestly I've been using this powder for over 10 years. It's just an awesome mattifying powder and adds a hint of extra coverage.

Covergirl Clean Glow Blusher in: Peaches (Matte blush)
This blusher is a pretty new product for me and I gotta say if you're looking for a natural hint of color then this would be a nice addition to your collection. It's not incredibly pigmented but its leave a clean natural looking peachy glow.

WetnWild Color Icon Blusher in:Heather Silk (Used on top of Peach blush lighty for a slight hint of pink.) After I applied the Covergirl blush I felt like I need a little more color to my cheekers so I very lightly added a swipe of the WetnWild blush with a duo fiber brush. (duo-fiber brushes give a little lighter application and help blend out colors.) The WetnWild blush is extremely pigmented so I suggest you apply this with a very light hand and add more as needed. Its always best to be able to add more than to add too much and have to remove all your makeup again.

Nyx Highlight & Contour powder (used bronzer side to contour and highlight side under my eyes and t-zone area) I love love love this product and I cant believe I hadn't added this to my collection sooner. The bronzing color is completely matte and its not too orange, not too light, its just perfectly bronzy. Ugh and the highlighting powder is to die for. It's not chalky or too white. Love it!

Essence I heart Stage Eyeshadow Base (amazing coverage and long wearing.) OMG! Yes this product deserves an OMG! It's AMAZING! Super long lasting, didn't crease on my oily lids at all. Neutralizes any discoloration I may have on my lids. It leave the perfect matte skin color. This has actually replaced my Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer. Another amazing quality about it is the price. At under $3 dollar WOW!

Now I know that its seems like a lot of products used just for the face but I was going for a very full coverage look but this look can be adjusted to a more lighter application depending on your personal preferences.

Moving onto the eyes I used a lot of my favorite drugstore eye products.

Revlon Colorstay Quad in #545 Attitude (I used both browns from the quad in my crease. The lighter one as a transition color & the darker brown for definition.) This quad is also great for every day natural looks. I love the fact that I can use this product and create a look for the day and use the same colors and transition it to an evening look.

Maybelline Chic Naturals eye shadow single in Earthly taupe (used it as my blending color & for adding a little peachy warmth to my eye look.)

To achieve the gunmetal color I used the ELF Cream Eyeshadow in Smoked on my lid as a base and topped it off with the gunmetal shadow out of the WetnWild Lust Palette to set that base.

The key to any smokey eye is blend, blend, blend....

I also used the WetnWild cream black liner and smudged just a bit of it on my lash line for a little more smokiness and finished it off with a thin line using the MILANI Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner in Blackest Black and for the upper and lower waterline I used the Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black. on the inner corners I added a little sparkle by applying the NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Pewter.

For mascara I personally always use more than one to achieve the darkness and volume that I like. Unfortunately without using massive amounts of mascara my eyelashes would be pretty much non-existent. With this look if you want some added glamour you can definitely add some false lashes, but personally I prefer to just load up the mascara because I have very sensitive eyes that are constantly tearing up therefore I usually just skip the falsies. Two of my current favorite mascaras are the L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black and the Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express (Waterproof)

For the lips as I said I kept it pretty neutral by applying a thin coat of the ELF Matte Lip Color in Natural and topped it off with a light layer of the Revlon lip gloss in Coral Reef.
After I applied the 50 million products that are pictured above this was my end result. I hope you all enjoy this look. It's the perfect look for a night out, party or special event, or for those of you that love to rock a smokey eye at any time of the day. Be yourself and no one else, if you wanna rock a bold makeup look then go for it.

If you decide to rock this look or something similar please don't hesitate to post it on here or tag me on instagram, twitter or via email. I would love to see your take on this look.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about any of the products used..

Friday, May 31, 2013

Products I obsessed over during the month of MAY...

Hello my lovelies,

I took a few snap shots of the products I have been obsessed with during the past month and wanted to share them with you.

So let's start off with my hair care products and tools that I obsessed with.

The Sprunch spray by Aussie has been a re-discovered gem. After I shower I brush my hair lightly and spray this product all over my hair, sprunch it up a bit and let it dry. It keeps my natural curls in place and makes my hair look like I actually curled my hair with a hot tool. The teasing comb is from a brand called amped up that can be found at any Sally's Beauty Supply store. What can I say it was cheap and does the job efficiently. The hair bands can be found at any H.e.b store if you are in the Texas area or similar bands can be found at any walmart or target store. They were also cheap and I love the fact that they do it what it claims to be "damage free." The little bottle of oil is by a brand called BIOPLUS the oil can be used for the hair and skin. I like to use this after I've flat ironed my hair and I also use this around my cuticles. One drop is more than enough.
I love love love these lotions. They are amazing! I love the fact that they really hydrate my skin and hands without leaving that greasy feeling that most lotions leave behind. These can also be found at any drugstore such as Walgreen's, walmart, target etc..
Over the past month I have absolutely become a fan of some of the Pond's creams especially the nourishing moisturizing cream. I like to use this one to moisturize my face at night and the I use the anti wrinkle cream in the area where I have a lot of fine lines and small wrinkles. As for the New Olay Va Va Vivid cleanser and brush set is in one word "Amazing!"  Full review coming soon.
I love the elf cosmetics brand but this past month I became a true fan of these two products in particular. The elf makeup remover cleansing cloths work great in removing all of my makeup and even gets most of my waterproof mascara off. The elf eye refresher you see pictured has become part of my holy grail products. Once applied in the under eye area it leaves such a cool refreshing gel like feeling and I did notice a difference within the first week of using it. I noticed some of the puffiness in that area a little less and my dark circles did lighten up. Although I must admit my dark circles are not that severe (not too dark) which is why I believe this product worked for me so quickly. I cannot tell you if it would work for you if you have extremely dark circles. All you can do is buy it and try it out. At under $5 dollars its not too much of a loss if it doesn't work.
I personally don't really like using my expensive perfumes every single day but I do like to smell good. Who doesn't? LoL That being said I am a big fan of body sprays and splashes. But these two in particular were used all month long. The axe one is a little more muskier that the secret one but nonetheless still an awesome body spray. The body spray by Secret actually reminds me of the Dolce and Gabbana perfume Light Blue. It is such a fresh smelling scent I can see myself using this one all summer long. Both are under $5 dollars so they're not only budget friendly they smell so so so good!
This body scrub works so well. Leaves my skin feeling super soft and even though it says Almond & Honey to me it smells like yummy cherries. So every time I shower I exfoliate my skin with this scrub and I feel like I'm showering in a tub full of maraschino cherries.
I hope my products finds and reviews help you if you've been interested in these particular products or products similar to them. I always welcome questions, comments and suggestions. Hope you all had an awesome week and have an even better weekend.
Happy Friday!