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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Creating space: How to depot your lip sticks and save money!

Are you having trouble keeping your makeup area organized? Is your makeup bag pouring out? If so keep reading!

I often have an over abundance of lips sticks in my makeup area that take up way too much space. When I start having this problem I know its time to make some space..
Have you ever heard anyone say "depotting lip sticks?" All it means is removing all of the lip stick contents from the actual stick and placing them elsewhere. You'd be amazed at how much product is in the actual tube. That is waisted once you throw it away thinking you have finished it. Next time you finish your favorite lip stick instead of simply throwing it away try depotting all the product that is left over, or using a lip brush to apply the leftover product. You can purchase some very nice containers or palettes made to store your depotted lip sticks. But I have a more affordable alternative. You can go to any walmart or dollar store and purchase a weekly or monthly pill organizer for under a dollar. Or you can go to any Michael's craft store or hobby lobby and purchase an empty container that is made to store jewelry beads for under $3 dollars. The container and size is really dependent on your preference and amount of lip products you have.

Here are some of the things you will need:

Isopropyl Alcohol to disinfect the containers. The higher the alcohol percentage the better.
A metal spatula or something smooth to help you remove the product and a lip brush to help you apply your product afterwards.
Lip sticks of course! :)

Weekly or monthly pill containers..
Self Sticking labels or a Permanent marker.

Begin this process by spraying your containers with the alcohol. This will ensure that your containers are clean and sterilized. You can label your container before, during or after you have depotted the lip sticks. Next you will grab your spatula or knife, the lip stick you wish to depot and first remove the bullet. At this point it should look something like this:

After you remove the lip stick bullet place it into one of the slots of the container you are using. After you have placed the bullet in the container take your spatula and remove (scrape) the rest of the product that is left over. 
Place whats left into the same slot you placed your bullet and then with the same spatula or knife smooth it out. Make sure to place a label on the slot with the name and brand of your lip stick for future reference. Once you have done this to all of  the lip sticks you selected your end result should look like this:

By depotting your lip sticks you're creating space in your makeup bag or drawer and also saving money by using and removing all of the product in the lip stick tube. Once you do this you'll see and be amazed at how much product is in the tube, and how much is wasted when you throw them away..
Hope this technique helps you whether its to save money or to create space in your makeup bag!