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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quality time with my son!


My husband and I strongly believe it is of vital importance to keep our family bond tight. Therefore we are all about spending quality time with each other and most importantly with our son. We are always trying to find new ways we can keep our bond strong. We love doing things together but we also find that spending quality time with our son on a one on one basis is equally as important.
 My husband likes having a father-son day. Not only does it give them time together but it also gives me the day to catch up on house shores, school work, projects etc.. I have different approaches to spending quality time with my son whether its coloring with him, helping him with his wooden puzzles or simply reading a book together. But our favorite activity to do together is not only a way for us to bond but it’s an easy way to introduce some physical activity into our daily routine , and expose him to all the genres of music.  We take 20 minutes out of our day and turn on the radio, iPod, or music channel on our television and we select a song and dance.
It can be a rock song, electronic, reggae whatever we’re in the mood for. But we make sure we keep dancing for the entire 20 minutes and never repeat a song. I feel if I make sure he listens to a wide range of music it will aid in him becoming a more cultured individual as he matures. Not only do we not want him to be limited to only liking one particular type of music but also to let him know that there are all types of things to experience out in the world such as different cuisines, books, occupations, movies, causes etc.. I have been doing this activity with my son since he was 15 months old and prior to that I would place headphones on my belly while I was pregnant and I would play all sorts of music every day. I’d like to believe that by doing that it has led him to develop a passion and love for music. Now I have to admit that even though my son is currently obsessed with the “gangnam style” song he is always willing to listen to anything from Mozart to Michael Jackson.  
We love being silly!

I hope that this in some way inspires you to find your own special or creative ways of bonding and spending quality time with your loved ones. Please don't hesitate to share what special ways you've created to spend quality time with your loved ones...