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Monday, March 4, 2013

Revamping your shoes with nail polish!

Some people make over their SOULS, but I make over my SOLES, shoe soles that is!
If you feel your shoes are looking a little run down or you feel like they could use a little something extra. Then try revamping the soles of your shoes and add a little color.

All you need are a pair of heels that are in need of a makeover, some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to clean the bottoms of the shoes, a white nail polish to place down as your base coat, and a colored nail polish of your choice. Last but not least a small art painting brush to help paint on your polishes.

(Important note): Do not use disposable foam plates to pour the nail polish into. It will eat right through the plate like acid.. hahaha

After your clean the bottoms with the alcohol go ahead and apply a few coats of the white nail polish allowing the polish to dry in between coats. Once you've gotten a good bright white base, go ahead and start applying your colored nail polish. Apply a few coats of that until you are satisfied with the results. If you want it to have a glossy finish feel free to apply a clear top coat. Once you're done allow them to dry completely and then slip on a your favorite party dress and enjoy your time out...

I chose a red nail polish for my shoes. I wanted the color to be subtle but still noticeable.

Hope you find this blog post helpful and feel free to post pictures of your newly revamped heels!

Happy Monday,