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Friday, May 31, 2013

Products I obsessed over during the month of MAY...

Hello my lovelies,

I took a few snap shots of the products I have been obsessed with during the past month and wanted to share them with you.

So let's start off with my hair care products and tools that I obsessed with.

The Sprunch spray by Aussie has been a re-discovered gem. After I shower I brush my hair lightly and spray this product all over my hair, sprunch it up a bit and let it dry. It keeps my natural curls in place and makes my hair look like I actually curled my hair with a hot tool. The teasing comb is from a brand called amped up that can be found at any Sally's Beauty Supply store. What can I say it was cheap and does the job efficiently. The hair bands can be found at any H.e.b store if you are in the Texas area or similar bands can be found at any walmart or target store. They were also cheap and I love the fact that they do it what it claims to be "damage free." The little bottle of oil is by a brand called BIOPLUS the oil can be used for the hair and skin. I like to use this after I've flat ironed my hair and I also use this around my cuticles. One drop is more than enough.
I love love love these lotions. They are amazing! I love the fact that they really hydrate my skin and hands without leaving that greasy feeling that most lotions leave behind. These can also be found at any drugstore such as Walgreen's, walmart, target etc..
Over the past month I have absolutely become a fan of some of the Pond's creams especially the nourishing moisturizing cream. I like to use this one to moisturize my face at night and the I use the anti wrinkle cream in the area where I have a lot of fine lines and small wrinkles. As for the New Olay Va Va Vivid cleanser and brush set is in one word "Amazing!"  Full review coming soon.
I love the elf cosmetics brand but this past month I became a true fan of these two products in particular. The elf makeup remover cleansing cloths work great in removing all of my makeup and even gets most of my waterproof mascara off. The elf eye refresher you see pictured has become part of my holy grail products. Once applied in the under eye area it leaves such a cool refreshing gel like feeling and I did notice a difference within the first week of using it. I noticed some of the puffiness in that area a little less and my dark circles did lighten up. Although I must admit my dark circles are not that severe (not too dark) which is why I believe this product worked for me so quickly. I cannot tell you if it would work for you if you have extremely dark circles. All you can do is buy it and try it out. At under $5 dollars its not too much of a loss if it doesn't work.
I personally don't really like using my expensive perfumes every single day but I do like to smell good. Who doesn't? LoL That being said I am a big fan of body sprays and splashes. But these two in particular were used all month long. The axe one is a little more muskier that the secret one but nonetheless still an awesome body spray. The body spray by Secret actually reminds me of the Dolce and Gabbana perfume Light Blue. It is such a fresh smelling scent I can see myself using this one all summer long. Both are under $5 dollars so they're not only budget friendly they smell so so so good!
This body scrub works so well. Leaves my skin feeling super soft and even though it says Almond & Honey to me it smells like yummy cherries. So every time I shower I exfoliate my skin with this scrub and I feel like I'm showering in a tub full of maraschino cherries.
I hope my products finds and reviews help you if you've been interested in these particular products or products similar to them. I always welcome questions, comments and suggestions. Hope you all had an awesome week and have an even better weekend.
Happy Friday!