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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My monthly favorites for the month of JUNE...

Hey Everyone,

So I've been trying out a few new products for the past month and I am really liking them so far.  So let's kick it off with all of the new face products I've been using.

The first is the Algenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Gel Moisturizer. You can find this product at any Sephora beauty store or website. I purchased this particular product through eBay because I wanted to try out the deluxe sample size to see if I would like it, because the full size is $65.00 at Sephora. It's definitely on the pricey side. But now that I have been using it for the past month it is definitely well worth the money. I love how light weight it feels and how quickly it is absorbed into my skin.  Therefore I give this product a 5 star rating.

 The POREfessional pro balm by: Benefit Cosmetics  has definitely become a necessary step in my daily makeup routine. It definitely performs as promised on the box. It fills in the pores and creates a nice canvas for you to be able to just glide your foundation on. Unfortunately for me my huge pores are more like craters. So this product doesn't completely erase my pores but it does minimize them and it does a better job than any other primer I've tried.  Product is available online and all Sephora stores. $30.00

Last but not least is the Lock-It Tattoo foundation by Kat Von D. I recently ran out of my Mac Studio fix fluid foundation and was on the hunt for a super full coverage foundation for those days that you want to look flawless and I came across wonderful reviews about the Lock-It tattoo foundation. But when I went to purchase it back in march the lovely ladies at Sephora told me that it would be best if I waited til May because the foundation was being reformulated and set to be back on shelves in May. Luckily for me May is my birthday month and of course I was given beauty gift cards because my family and friends know me so well and feed my crazy makeup addiction.  So for sure I went after my birthday and picked that baby up and I am so glad I waited because this foundation is amazing. It completely covers any spots or pimples you may have. I don't really use a whole lot of concealer when I wear this foundation because you don't really need to. That's how amazing this coverage is and its build-able so if you want that completely barbie plastic look then this is the foundation for you. I love the coverage and the finish it leaves on my skin. Doesn't really require me to powder too much as it leaves a velvety finish. This product is definitely a little pricey at $34.00 but so worth the money.

Those products were definitely a beauty splurge but luckily I had gift cards and cash I was given for my birthday so I didn't really come out of pocket for them.

The next products I am about to mention have absolutely become all time favorites for me. Some of you have probably heard or seen these products mentioned before but I was finally able to get my hands on them and love love love them.

The e.l.f. long-lasting lustrous eyeshadows are a shimmery whipped product with a mousse like texture. I love applying these all over my lids for a quick pop of shimmer or as a highlight for my brow bone and inner eye corners.  These are a very affordable product and can be purchased online at for only $3.00 each

I have another e.l.f. product that has become a holy grail product for me and that is the high definition powder in corrective yellow. For the past month I have been using this very finely milled powder to set the concealer under my eyes. I love that its light weight and very fine so you don't really need much to do the job. It mattifies the targeted area and brightens my under eye area.
Available at $6.00


There you have it ladies and gentlemen these products were my favorites for the month of June. Wasn't really a whole lot of products but sometimes less is more. In this case I rather show you a few amazing products that in my opinion would make great additions to your makeup collection than to show you 20 products that are only average.

I hope you all liked my review and as always I am open to answering questions and comments pertaining to these particular products or any other products that you may be wondering about or just send me a quick hello and I will definitely reply back.

Happy Tuesday!


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