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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone!

For those of you that have stuck by me and stayed loyal subbies I would like to thank you for waiting around for me. I took a break from my site for a bit due to medical and family reasons but I'm back and will be at full force. During my absence I have used up products, tried and tested new things and I'm eager to share my always honest reviews with you all. For those of you that are new I would like to welcome you. Please subscribe, and always feel free to comment and ask questions. In the next few days I will be posting a few Halloween looks I've been working on and will be posting reviews as always.
If you have any particular products or makeup looks you would like to see please feel free to comment below or email me.

Thank you all for your patience and I look forward hearing from you all!

Love and lip gloss,