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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A little shimmer and a lot of PURPLE!

Hola everyone!

I woke up today in a mood for a dramatic eye look. I've had this gorgeous Wet'n'wild palette for a while now and I have been wanting to use it but for some reason it keeps getting overlooked. So finally today I decided to pull it out and play around with it. For those of you interested in seeing how I did this look I've created a step by step pictorial.

Products I used on my eyes:

 Step 1: Prime( I used the Wet'N'Wild Take on the day By Fergie primer.)

Step 2: I added the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded to the center of my lid.

Step 3: Using a fluffy brush I added a soft brown to my crease to add warmth to this cool look.

Step 4: Using a NYX jumbo eye pencil in Purple I applied it to the inner & outer corners of my eye and slightly below the crease.

Step 5: Blend that purple base, staying away from the center of the lid.

Step 6: Once your base is blended well, apply a bright/shimmery purple to the same areas you applied the base to and don't forget to blend that shadow as well.

Step 7: Blend, Blend and Blend some more! Blending is the key in order to avoid harsh lines.

Step 8: I chose to darken up the outer corners just a bit by using a darker shade of purple from the same palette.

Step 9: I blended the outer corner and added some more of that soft brown to the crease.

Step 10: Apply a highlight color to your brow bone. I chose to use a matte cream color, I didn't want to add any shimmer to the brow bone since the rest of the eye is pretty bright and dramatic.

Step 11: Add a shimmery shade to the center of the lid and blend it into the corners just slightly to have the colors transition into each other nicely.

Step 12: I applied a mid-tone purple and a touch of the sparkly black from the palette to my lower lash line and blended it together to give it a smoky look.

Step 13: Is completely OPTIONAL! I felt the shimmer on the center of the lid needed something extra so I used a shimmery gold shadow.

Step 14: Finish off your eye look with your favorite black liner and mascara. I used a black pencil liner to rim my inner and outer lash line. You can certainly add false lashes to this look if you would like to of course!
And after all those crazy long steps you're done with the eyes!
Here's what I used on the rest of my face:
I hope you enjoyed the makeup look I wore today as much as I did! As always please don't forget to comment and subscribe....

Friday, November 8, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect!

For the past few weeks the hubby and I have been hitting the gym and we're on a mission to lose some weight. Seeing as that we have a very active 3 year old it's not cool when you're trying to run around and play with him and get winded after only a few minutes. LOL So we have decided that it's time to too lose a few pounds and get in shape, so that we are able to keep up with our son. I know that many people including myself have imperfections that they wish they could change and some do by getting cosmetic surgery etc. For me my number one imperfection that I dislike is my weight and luckily it is an imperfection that I can transform without needing surgical help. Upon some reflection about my flaws I do have some that although they are not my favorite I would not change them because I feel they add character and connect me in some way to my family.

For example the scar above my lip, is from a fall I had in my childhood home. I was 3 years old and a little too curious and decided it would be a good idea to climb a book self and then realized it was not nailed down and needless to say it came down and myself along with it. I was pinned against the wall and there was blood everywhere. LoL I laugh about it now but apparently my mother didn't think it was too funny at the time. That little experience left me with a scar that never fully faded. Another imperfection would be my nose. I'm not entirely fond of it and I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of my sister's little button noses. However I would not change my nose because it looks exactly like my mother's nose and I feel it's a special facial feature that we share. I suppose what I am trying to say is that no matter what imperfections or flaws you may have although they give character to your appearance they don't complete you. You can be beautiful and flawless on the outside but be ugly and horrible on the inside. I rather keep my imperfections and have a beautiful soul!

I hope my reflections help any of you that may have been feeling in any way uncomfortable with your outer appearance. Always remember looks fade with time but personalities don't! Be yourself and love yourself! A beautiful soul is the best quality one can have!

Wishing you all an awesome weekend!

Don't hesitate to share your perfect imperfections in the comments below.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Easy smokey eye! (Using all drugstore products)

Hey dolls,
As requested I've created this easy Smokey eye using the least amount of products and minimal steps possible for beginners. I also tried using all drugstore products so this look is very affordable and you may already have some of these makeup goodies in your makeup collection. I hope you all enjoy this look and please excuse the lighting, I'm working on getting a ring light soon. I will be listing all of the products used below and please don't forget to comment and subscribe. Stay tuned for more looks for less. As always I welcome any comments, requests and suggestions.



Products used on my face:
- Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation in: Natural beige
- NYX concealer in a jar in: Beige (used to outline my brows and extra coverage on my nose under the foundation.)
- Maybelline Instant age rewind eraser in: light (used under my eyes for brightening)
- Essence I heart Stage eye shadow base
- Rimmel Stay Matte shine control powder in: 004 Sandstorm (to set my foundation)
- NYX Highlight & Contour duo (Bronzer used to contour my face & the highlight to set my under eye concealer.)
-  elf  Eyebrow kit in: Medium
- Maybelline Define-a-brow in: Medium brown
- NYX Blush in: Stone
- Covergirl Cheekers in: Natural rose (used to softly blend and lighten the NYX blush
- Essence lipliner in: in the nude
- Essence XXXL shine lip gloss in: Nude Candy ( love this gloss, it's not sticky at all)


For the eyes:
- Maybelline Shadow single in: Earthly taupe (used to blend out colors)
- Mark shadow single in: Corset ( this color can be substituted by any drugstore charcoal grayish color)
- Jordana Eye shadow duo in: Good Match
- Wet'n'Wild Coloricon collection in: Comfort zone (Brow bone color as highlight and inner corners)
- L'Oreal The Super Slim liquid liner in: Black
- Rimmel Scandaleyes in: Nude (used on the waterline to make eyes appear larger but if you have larger eyes use a black liner in the waterline instead.)
- L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black
- Covergirl Clump Crusher in: Black (waterproof)

Now that you've seen all of the makeup goodies I used to achieve this look let's move onto the pictorial so that you can re-create this look step-by-step.

I hope this post has been helpful and please send me your recreations. I would love to see your end results!