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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A little shimmer and a lot of PURPLE!

Hola everyone!

I woke up today in a mood for a dramatic eye look. I've had this gorgeous Wet'n'wild palette for a while now and I have been wanting to use it but for some reason it keeps getting overlooked. So finally today I decided to pull it out and play around with it. For those of you interested in seeing how I did this look I've created a step by step pictorial.

Products I used on my eyes:

 Step 1: Prime( I used the Wet'N'Wild Take on the day By Fergie primer.)

Step 2: I added the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded to the center of my lid.

Step 3: Using a fluffy brush I added a soft brown to my crease to add warmth to this cool look.

Step 4: Using a NYX jumbo eye pencil in Purple I applied it to the inner & outer corners of my eye and slightly below the crease.

Step 5: Blend that purple base, staying away from the center of the lid.

Step 6: Once your base is blended well, apply a bright/shimmery purple to the same areas you applied the base to and don't forget to blend that shadow as well.

Step 7: Blend, Blend and Blend some more! Blending is the key in order to avoid harsh lines.

Step 8: I chose to darken up the outer corners just a bit by using a darker shade of purple from the same palette.

Step 9: I blended the outer corner and added some more of that soft brown to the crease.

Step 10: Apply a highlight color to your brow bone. I chose to use a matte cream color, I didn't want to add any shimmer to the brow bone since the rest of the eye is pretty bright and dramatic.

Step 11: Add a shimmery shade to the center of the lid and blend it into the corners just slightly to have the colors transition into each other nicely.

Step 12: I applied a mid-tone purple and a touch of the sparkly black from the palette to my lower lash line and blended it together to give it a smoky look.

Step 13: Is completely OPTIONAL! I felt the shimmer on the center of the lid needed something extra so I used a shimmery gold shadow.

Step 14: Finish off your eye look with your favorite black liner and mascara. I used a black pencil liner to rim my inner and outer lash line. You can certainly add false lashes to this look if you would like to of course!
And after all those crazy long steps you're done with the eyes!
Here's what I used on the rest of my face:
I hope you enjoyed the makeup look I wore today as much as I did! As always please don't forget to comment and subscribe....