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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bridal series for ( bold and elegant)

Hello and Happy November everyone!

Can you believe it? We are so close to the beginning of a new year. I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone by. I wanted to kick off the month of November with a new series of makeup looks and pictorials. This awesome company contacted me and asked me to create a few looks for them that they can pair up with some gorgeous wedding gowns. The company is called and you can use their site to find everything you need for your perfect wedding. So they sent me me a few photos of some beautiful wedding gowns as inspiration and gave me complete artistic freedom to create the looks as I would for an actual client. Of course I had to begin this series with the gown that caught my attention first. Not only does is feature one of my favorite colors but I loved how by adding a little touch of color to the dress made it edgy but still very elegant. Because the dress is a little out there from the usual classic white dress I decided to focus on the eyes for this look and do a dramatic and bold look, while still keeping it classy and not too disco ball.


 I felt that any bride that were to choose this type of wedding dress  is definitely different and out there. Therefore I wanted to go bold and continue with the purple theme. So I made the eyes the main  focus and kept the lips very neutral so that I wouldn't take too much away from what is the main focal point of this dress. Which is the beautiful pattern and color at the lower half of the dress. It definitely gives off a beautiful funky vibe and that definitely inspired me to create this look. 



Step 1: Always start out by priming the lid with an eye base or primer to keep your eye shadows from creasing and ensure they stay put until you're ready for it to come off.
Quick tip: As you can see I have a strip of tape on along the eye. This is to help as a guide as to where to place the eye shadow and ensures you don't go beyond a certain point and it also help you get a perfect crisp line when applying eye liner. So if you have trouble with your liner this is a perfect trick for you.

Step 2: After you place that tape start the look off by adding your transition shade. This shade should be a soft brown. This will help add a slight warmth to the look and it will also help you blend out any other shades you place in the same area. So using a fluffy blending brush start sweeping that soft brown shade in a windshield wiper motion going back and forth from one end of the eye to the other and blend it upwards.

Step 3: Using a darker brown start carving out your crease by applying it into the hollows of your eye and sweeping it back and forth trying to focus that shade on the outer V of the eye. Don't forget to blend, blend, blend!

Step 4: With a flat shader brush apply a shimmery champagne shade onto the lid only using a patting motion. By patting it onto the lid it will concentrate the look only where you are patting it. 

Step 5: Using any vibrant purple shadow of your choice and a more densely packed blending brush start out by applying it into the outer V of the eye and blending inwards towards the tear duct but keeping it all in your crease.

Quick tip: When using vibrant colors apply the shadows a little at a time. Remember you can always add more but it is harder to remove once its been applied. Applying it little by little avoids you having to start over if you have applied too much.

Step 6: After I applied the shadows and felt that they have been blended enough I then used my Lorac 3D liquid lustre in the shade Diamond. Which is essentially a liquid form of glitter. Using my finger I patted it onto the area where I had applied the champagne shade. 

Then finish off your look with liner, false lashes and using the same purple shadow smoke out your lower lash line. 

I kept the rest of the face fairly neutral by adding warmth to the skin with a bronzer and peachy pink blush and nude lips. The eyes should be the main focus to this look.

I hope you enjoyed this look and if you are interested in what products I used to achieve this look don't hesitate to leave me a comment below. Always remember that when doing any bold eye look blending is key. 
Also don't forget to check out the company and stay tuned this week for the rest of the wedding looks. 


                                      You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

End of summer giveaway! (CLOSED)

Hey dolls,
Sadly we are getting close to the end of summer but I wanted to end it by bringing you an awesome giveaway. This giveaway is also as a Thank you for sticking by me and interacting with me on my blog and my other social media outlets. I always look forward to reading all of your comments and creating new looks and giving you all a little peek into my everyday life. So please keep the comments, requests and questions coming. Okay that all being said let's move onto the giveaway details...

The prizes: 

I wanted to give away some of my favorite products that I personally loved using this summer. I hope the lucky winner will love them too!

Not only am I giving away these products I was also lucky enough to get some amazing ladies to sponsor this giveaway.  

First up is my good long time friend Kathy also known as @beauty_kat on Instagram and honeygem7 on YouTube. For all of my lovely Spanish speaking followers you should check out her beauty channel on YouTube. She has great makeup looks on there!
One lucky winner will not only get all of the goodies pictured above but will also receive all of these from Kathy..

And now last but certainly not least is a lovely and generous lady that has sponsored my blog before and will be sponsoring this giveaway as well. That lady is Brooke from Jordans essentials bath and body. Go check out and like her facebook fan page for more info on her company's products and a chance to win free samples and more giveaway products.

She is so kind to sponsor my giveaway with this awesome Lotion Bar. It is made with beeswax and other natural oils that are beneficial to the skin. This solid bar of lotion helps seal in moisture, and lasts for months!

Go check out and like her pages.

The rules:

- Only one entry allowed, if you enter the giveaway via my blog you cannot enter via instagram.
- You must leave a comment below in order to be entered into the giveaway.

This is a U.S. Only giveaway! I am sorry but for now I cannot cater to my international followers. But I promise I will have an international giveaway soon.
Giveaway will run from 8/20 - 9/30  will close at midnight on the 30th of september and the winner will be announced the next day. 

I want to Thank You all in advance for participating in my giveaway! Good luck!


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BellaPierre Cosmetics Review/Pictorial

Like what you see? Then check out the rest of this blog post to learn how to achieve this look.

Hey dollies,

Today I am bringing you a new pictorial and review all in one post. The BellaPierre Cosmetics company was kind enough to send me these products to try out.

 For the past week I have been playing around with them and been creating a series of looks using their amazing pigments. I am so blown away by the quality and the textures to all of these products. As soon as I opened the package they sent I instantly fell in love with this pigment in particular:

(Color shown: Wild Lilac)

I would describe it as a raspberry/mauve color with the most amazing shimmer to it. It's a must for any makeup addicts collection.  

I also fell head over heels for the lip/cheek stain they sent me. 

It is the perfect everyday and/or nude pink lip color. I love how soft and pigmented it is. It is the type of lip and cheek color that will go perfectly with any makeup look.

I must admit after testing out the products and checking out their website and prices they are definitely a high end cosmetics company. In other words they are not cheap! But as my hubby always says you get what you pay for. If and when you purchase from them know that you are getting high quality products.  Their pigments are smooth and extremely opaque and glide on the skin like butter. The lip and cheek stain is a dual purpose product which I love! It's great for those of us that are moms on the go but still love to look polished and put together. This will definitely become one of those quick no think items that I have to carry in my bag at all times. 

They also sent me an HD primer that really smoothed out my fine lines and pores. The only thing I did not like about it was the texture. Not because it's bad because it's actually a great product and it really does do what the description says it does. But because I personally do not enjoy silicone/velvet type of textures. In other words I would personally not gravitate towards purchasing this type of primer but nonetheless it is a great base for your makeup and I will absolutely continue to use it. Oh and not to mention they get an A+ for their packaging. I love how sleek and simple everything is! I am not one to go coo coo for crazy, outrageous and wasteful packaging!

Before anyone says anything allow me to throw a little disclaimer out there. YES! They did send me these products at no cost to me but I will always give you my sincere and honest opinions. Also remember everyone has different skin types and complexions so what works for one person may or may not work the same for another.  That being said let's move on to my first pictorial using The BellaPierre Cosmetics.

Products Used:

You should always start out by priming your lid with a good eye shadow base or primer to ensure the longevity of your products and to prevent the natural oils in your lids to cause your powders and creams from creasing.

Step 1: Using the Physicians formula quad in canyon classics (pictured above) Tap a fluffy blending brush into one of the light tan shades or any soft brown shadow you have lying around and place it into your crease using a side to side windshield wiper motion. Due to the fact that I have hooded lids I use this technique to help carve out a crease and prevent from going too far up with any shadow.

Step 2: Using a more densely packed blending brush I applied the Jordana E/S in Auburn right under the crease color I applied in the first step. Doing this step adds depth to the eye look and carves out the crease even further. 

Step 3: Using one of the lighter shades from the pigment stack (Dejzvous) and a wet flat shadow brush I placed the pigment into the first half of the lid. Use a patting motion in order to avoid fall out. 

Step 4: Using the gorgeous (Wild Lilac) color from the stack and the same wet brush place it on the rest of the lid with the same patting motion. 

Step 5: I used one of the darker brown shades (Lava) from the stack and placed it on the outer-v of the eye. 

Step 6: Now this step is optional. I applied a little more the Jordana shadow in Auburn to my crease because I felt I had lost some of the intensity.  But you can skip this step if you don't feel the need to intensify your look.

Step 7: In the same order that I applied the previous pigments I also placed them the same way under my lower lash line, but that step is also optional as you can simply apply one color instead of all three.

Last step, I applied the beautiful white shimmery shade (Snowflake) to my inner corner (tear duct area) and very lightly and softly to the brow bone as my highlight. Finish your look off with your favorite liner and top it off with a mascara of your choice. For this look I used the 3D fiber mascara by Younique but if you do not own it you can always apply some false lashes to glam up the look even further. 

This is the final look. I did take this picture near my window so the sunlight washed out some of the colors. But trust me when I say you can wear this look on a night out or tone it down lose the dark liner and make it a daytime look. 

As for the rest of my look I used the Enter Pronoun By Natalia Ramirez Blowtorch bronzer to warm up and contour my face. I outline my lips with the Ofra Cosmetics lip liner in glacier pink and then topped it off with the pink lip/cheek stain. Another great alternative would the the BellaPierre Natural Lip Liner in Nude. I set my foundation and concealer with the Tarte Amazonian Clay finishing powder. 

Side note: The brush pictured above is by Morphe Brushes they have an amazing selection of top quality professional makeup brushes. I used the one pictured to apply my face powder, My bronzer and I even contoured my face with it by pinching the bristles. I also used it to apply my cheek stain and it blended it out beautifully. Such a versatile brush and so soft. Definitely worth purchasing!

I will be including all of the links to all of these products so you can check them out! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and pictorial and stay tuned for more looks, reviews and an upcoming giveaway from me and a few sponsors..  Subscribe and keep an eye out for the chance to be the lucky winner!



Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jordan Essentials Bath & Body (products review & pictorial)

Hey dolls,

I was recently sent several product samples to try out and review by the lovely and generous Ms. Brooke from Jordan Essentials. I have done a product review for her before and she was even kind enough to sponsor my blog last blog giveaway with a full size product from her company. Before I even move onto the pictorial and review I just want to mention that if you decide to check out her fan page and order from her just know that I completely recommend her. She is very professional and reliable to answer any questions concerning her products and before you ask no she did not pay me to say these things or to give this review. I am simply giving you my honest opinion and recommendations. Having said all that let's move on to the review and pictorial.

All of the goodies she sent me to try:

First off let me just say I fell in love with the gentle exfoliant and clay mask. I typically do not have sensitive skin but I am extremely sensitive in the eye area and I actually was able to use the cleanser around that area without any irritation or breakouts. The clay mask left my skin extremely smooth and I did use both of the face products before I applied my makeup and you can even see in the picture below how great my skin looked afterwards.

(Product description):
Detox Clay Mask helps deroxify, deep clean, and pull pollutants from your skin. Recommended for all skin types and is made with Green Tea and Bentonite Clay.

Next up is the shower gel, and once you open it, it will instantly transport you to a relaxing spa somewhere. It smells so amazing!

(Product description):
Shower Gel is DEA & SLS free and is enriched with aloe for a complete clean without stripping the natural oils from your skin! 

The body butter is definitely a must have. It is incredibly hydrating and I loved how my skin retained the softness that it leaves. Some body butters absorb into the skin and then just fade and leave you feeling like you need to re-apply after an hour, but this one was a pleasant surprise for me.
(Product description):
Shea Butter is thick and luxurious and helps maintain moisture,  returns elasticity to your skin, and gives you superior moisture! 

The skin relief cream has been a life saver for my son. Since he was a baby he's had problems with severe dry skin and for a while it will go away and then it comes back. Well a few days ago it came back and he had extremely dry and flaky skin on the back of his neck and then I applied this cream on after his bath and when he woke up the next day, his skin was smooth and as if he hadn't had any problems at all. So I will definitely be purchasing a full size of this cream for my son. I also enjoyed the fact that it did not have any funky scent to it at all.
(Product description):
Skin Relief Lotion can help with eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, minor cuts, extremely dry skin, stretch marks, bug bites, shingles, sunburns, and more! Made with natural ingredients like Green Tea, Chamomile, Seaweed, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and more!

She also sent me a sample of their popular lotion bar. I really like the feel of it. It was just like regular lotion but without all of the mess. I really think it is a cool and innovative concept for a skin care product.
(Product description):
Lotion Bar is made with beeswax and other natural oils that are beneficial to the skin. This solid bar of lotion helps seal in moisture, and lasts for months!

I was also sent two of the makeup products that they carry and I was very pleased by how they performed. At first I was a little concerned by the amount of shimmer in the mineral face powder but I decided to give it a try anyway and I am glad I did. Because as soon as I started buffing the powder over my foundation all the shimmer completely faded away and I was left with a very nice matte finish to the skin. I really liked the fact that I didn't need too much to get the job done. I used it as a finishing powder to set all of my makeup and keep in place.

My color was in Light/Medium.

The mineral eye shadow was definitely the star of the pictorial below but the pictures did not do this color any justice. Now I decided to incorporate the mineral shadow into a smokey eye look by using it wet, but you can definitely wear this alone all over the lid for a more quick natural look.

(color): Warm Peach

(Product description):
Mineral Eye shadow can be used wet or dry for your own unique look. Made from natural mineral pigments and other natural ingredients that allow long-lasting, light-weight coverage while allowing your skin to breathe! 

All I used to achieve this look was the mineral eye shadow pictured above and a small eye shadow quad by Physicians Formula in Canyon classics and a Maybelline color tattoo in Tough as Taupe.

-Step 1: I started off the look by prepping my eye using an eye primer to help the shadows last and prevent them from creasing. Then using the light browns from the quad and a fluffy brush I blended them into my crease to add depth to the eye. If you have hooded eyelids like mine don't skip this step.

Step 2: I added the creamy vanilla color from the palette onto my brow bone as a highlight. Next using a flat synthetic concealer brush I applied the color tattoo onto my lid as a base to intensify the look.

Step 3: The using the darkest shade out of the palette I applied it over the lid base and then blended it upwards and kept it below the crease color.

Step 4: Using the same concealer brush I sprayed it with a setting spray, but you can use water if you do not own one. I applied the mineral shadow to the inner corners of my eye lid and patted it down into place. 

Step 5: Finish off the eye look with a little more of that dark brown on the outer corner of the eye to give it a more smokey effect. Add your favorite liner and mascara and smudge a little of the dark brown under your lower lash line and you are done...

I really wish the pictures would have shown off the mineral shadow a lot more but my lighting was horrible that day. I apologize for that! I really hope you enjoyed the product reviews and the mini pictorial and as I said you can tone down this look if you are not into the smokey eye look and just wear the mineral shadow on it's own for a more appropriate day/work look add your favorite mascara and you are out the door. 

Feel free to leave me any questions, comments or requests in the comments below. Also go check out Ms.Brooke's products fan page. 

Brooke's links:

Check out her page she always has product specials, fan giveaways and offers product samples if you are interested in the products. Don't forget to shoot her a comment and let her know I sent you! 
FYI she will be sponsoring my upcoming giveaway with one of the products mentioned above so stay tuned for that.


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Can't go wrong with a little gold glitter!

Hey dolls,

So I know I have been promising you all a new makeup pictorial for a while now and finally I made it happen. I hope you all enjoy it and try it out and of course don't forget to email me or tag me to your photos on twitter or instagram so I can check them out. I know that some of you might find the idea of using loose glitters a little intimidating but I promise with a little practice and patience it gets a heck of a lot easier...

So let's stat off with all of the products I used to achieve this makeup looks.

The star of this look is the gorgeous gold loose glitter by the brand Bissu.

Products list:
- Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
- Covergirl outlast stay fabulous 3in1 foundation
- Maybelline Instant age rewind dark circle erasers in: light for under the eyes and brightener to highlight the bridge of my nose, forehead and cupids bow.
- Palladio rice powder in Translucent to set the makeup under my eyes
- Maybelline shine free pressed powder in Golden to set the rest of my face
- Bissu powder blush in Chabacano (basically any peachy pink blush will do!)
- City color contour effects palette (used for contouring)

- Milani eyeshadow primer in nude
- Jordana 12hr made to last eye pencil in continuous almond
- Physicians Formula matte e/s quad in Canyon classics
- Bissu 8 pan palette in #5
- Covergirl shadow pencil in flamed out
- Bissu e/s in Violeta
- E.l.f. glitter primer (used as glitter adhesive)
- Bissu loose glitter in #19
- Maybelline Line stiletto liquid liner 
- Jordana made to last eye liners in black point and purple fix

- Nyx eyebrows kit for everyone
- Ofra cosmetics brow pencil in Universal

Now that I've listed all of the products I used let's move onto the step by step pictorial.

Step 1: Using the scotch tape technique that will help you get that perfect edge and perfect liner, apply any eye shadow primer of your choice. This will allow your eye shadows to last longer and prevent them from creasing.

Step 2: I added a matte cream shade as my brow bone highlight and then using the warm browns out of the Physicians formula quad I applied them into my crease and blended them to add depth and warmth to the look. 

Step 3: I applied the Covergirl eye pencil to the center of the lid and using a synthetic brush I slightly blended it. I added this step as a guide to show where the glitter is to be applied. This step will help ensure you do not add any color to that space. Of course it is unnecessary if you do not have a gold pencil or shadow.

Step 4: Using the bissu violeta shadow I applied it to both the inner and outer corners of my eye and then added a little more to my fluffy brush and blended it right into my crease, keeping it just slightly below the warmer browns applied earlier. During this step don't forget to blend, blend, blend and blend some more!

Step 5: Apply a touch of glitter adhesive or lash glue to the center of the lid. In this case I used the elf cosmetics glitter primer. I then applied the loose glitter right on top. You absolutely use different glitter and eye shadow combinations.

Step 6: I then went on to apply my black liquid liner, false lashes, mascara and a black pencil liner to my upper and lower water lines. 

Step 7: I finished off the look by using the purple liner and smudging some of it just under my lower lash line and blending it out with more of the purple shadow. 

Once you've completed that you are DONE!

Add a lip stick or gloss of your choice and you are ready!

I hope you all enjoyed this look and again I apologize for taking so long to post up another pictorial. 

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Friday, June 13, 2014

My summer reading list. What's on yours??

Hey dolls,

For those of you who know me personally you know I am a sucker for mystery and romance novels so of course this summer I had to include at least one or two of each subject. Anyway I thought it would be fun to share with you the books I am currently reading and the books that I plan to read during the summer. 

I am currently enjoying a novel by Carol Higgins Clark. Her novels are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Her writing has an uncanny way of getting you hooked. Once you read one you just want more. Especially her " Reagen Reilly Mysteries." 

I am about half way done with this one. I am liking it so far. It is a book that was released a few years ago but some how I seem to have missed it. I do however feel it's a little slow in getting to the plot of the story but nonetheless I am enjoying it and I cannot wait to move on to the next novel on my kindle list.  Which is...

Another novel by Carol Higgins Clark:
Another mystery novel. 

I was browsing around Amazon on the hunt for a few more book titles to add to my summer reading list and I definitely came across a few that caught my attention.

All of these have now been added to my amazon library and I hope I have a chance to get through all of them this summer.  I am absolutely looking forward to reading " Captive in Iran" as I have heard it's an amazing story. 

I hope you all enjoy this post and I would love to see what's on your summer reading list. Don't be shy and share it with me. 

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Class of 2014!

Hey Dolls, 
today's post is a special request from a very special person in my life. This is a shout out to all the students and staff of Alta Vista High School in Vista, California "Oh how I miss you California!" 
Congrats to all of the 2014 graduates I personally wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors and may all of your dreams come true. Having said that I would like to share a quote with you that was given to me several years ago that I firmly believe to be completely true. 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!" 

Graduates, always remember to dream big and work hard to achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality. Don't let anyone discourage you from reaching for the stars. Because with a little elbow grease and determination you can make it there. 

I would also like to send a little shout out to Dulce Reyes. Congratulations on graduating your hard work has paid off. Good luck in all that you do.

I would also like to congratulate the Teachers and Staff for all the work and effort that you put into the students. Being the wife of a dedicated teacher I know that at times your jobs can be mentally draining and even frustrating but know that your actions and dedication do not go unnoticed. Remember that all of you have a hand in educating the possible leaders of tomorrow and all of the effort you put into your classrooms is worth it in the end. 

Congrats to all of the 2014 graduates all over the world!

Wishing you all the best!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Product Reviews????

Hey Dolls,

I am in search of new and/or established companies or products to review for my blog and instablog. Also for all of you lovely readers that follow me through my blog and instagram if their are any specific products you would like to see reviewed please contact me via email or leave a comment below. Any makeup pictorials you would like for me to post?? Comment below! I am open to ideas and suggestions or requests.

I look forward to reading your comments, suggestions and/or ideas!!!!

                                             Thanks in advance!

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Influenster #VivaVoxBox Review

Hey dolls,
 I received this awesome box of products to review a few weeks ago. I wanted to use all of these products for a few weeks so that I could form a proper opinion and be able to give you all the best review.
First off Influenster is a company that works with different product companies and sends out packages filled with products to test out and review.
So let's start reviewing shall we??

These are all of the goodies I was sent to test out for them.

Let's start off with the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Cocoa Radiant. It is a 6.5 oz can and it states it has about 30 uses in every can. It retails for $7.99 and all drugstores and retailers. In my opinion this is a great product to have on hand, especially when you are running late or on the go. I'm sure you have all seen the commercial where the girl is in a rush and sprays it on and then throws on her clothes and she's out the door. Well, it's not exactly that easy. You still have to rub it in so don't be fooled by the hype. But the actual product is definitely worth trying. It is just as moisturizing as the regular Vaseline lotions but this one definitely comes with less mess. I have actually been enjoying this spray and I plan on picking up another one in a different scent to try it out.

Next up is the Pure Ice Nail Polish that retails for $1.69 and I believe it can be found at all Walmarts and Target stores. From the displays I have seen at my local walmart they have an awesome color selection and some really nice glitters to pick from. I was sent 1 nail polish and 1 glitter polish and let me tell you the coral polish I was sent has definitely become one of my favorites. It is perfect for the summer. It's a beautiful color with just enough pink and just enough red. The glitter top coat I was sent was a nice topper for a perfect accent nail or for those of you who like to wear glitter on every nail.

The colors pictured are After Hours and It's Complicated.

I was also sent the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths. These wipes retail for $5.99 and they can be found next to all the other Cetaphil products. In my honest opinion these are perfect for those of you that have very sensitive skin as they do not irritate at all. I personally do not have sensitive skin but I have been carrying these in my purse and have used them on my son to wipe off food or dirt or sweat and have been completely mild on his skin. I do recommend having these in your purse or even in your diaper bags.

Also in the box was the NYC New York Color Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color. These lip colors retail for $2.99  and are sold at all mass retailers. I was sent the color 040 South Ferry Berry. I have to say I own a few other colors from this specific line and they are all gorgeous colors. Very richly pigmented and not to mention smooth and moisturizing. I love how easy they are to apply and how comfortable they are to wear. Not sticky or ill smelling. I recommend trying these out and the price is extremely affordable.

This picture is showing how pigmented this product is. The first color swatch is only one swipe of the lip color and the second is 3 swipes. You can see for yourself it's worth the money.
They also sent me a Montagnne Jeunesse Clay Spas Mask. You can find these in stores for $2.49

In all honesty, I had high hopes for this as I love using cream clay masks but this product in particular was a total disappointment. The smell was horrendous and instead of hydrating my skin it left me extremely dry and rough feeling, and to top it off the next morning I woke up looking like a total grease ball. I will definitely be sticking to my all time favorite avocado mask from Freeman.

Lastly I was sent a Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card that I have yet to use. But I have done my research on it and basically it is a free loyalty rewards program that helps you save money every time you gas up.

I hope these reviews have been helpful in any way if you were considering purchasing any of these products. If you are interested in this company you should go check them out at you can also follow them on facebook and twitter. 

Don't forget you can connect with me through instagram and twitter..

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easy Pasta Side Dish...

Hey dolls,
So, if you're anything like me you're a sucker for quick and easy meals. Therefore I thought I'd share one of my favorite quick side dishes that doesn't involve too many ingredients.

This is my easy cheesy penne pleaser! 
Doesn't take much to make this side dish and you can certainly add or change the ingredients depending on your preferences. 


- Penne Pasta or any pasta of your preference.
- Kraft Green Goddess dressing
- Grape or cherry tomatoes or of course chopped Roma tomatoes
- Colby Jack shredded cheese 

You can add chopped avocados or cubed cheddar cheese instead of shredded and you can also substitute the green dressing for zesty Italian or even mayonnaise if you prefer a  more creamier taste.

This pasta is meant to be served cold so you can absolutely cook up your pasta the day before and have it chill over night in the fridge or just cook it up early in the day. 

Once you have cooked your pasta and it has chilled you can then add your dressing. I am not including a set measurement because it should be as dry or as creamy as you would like.  Add a handful of the shredded or cubed cheese and then slice or chop your tomatoes. Mix everything well and at this point you can add any extra ingredients that you may want and serve it up with your main dish.

Today I served it along with homemade burgers...

I hope you enjoy this recipe and you find it just as tasty as my family. 

From my kitchen to yours,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All about CONCEALERS...

Hey dolls,
A few hours ago I was talking to one of my very awesome sisters from California and she was telling me about one of her co-workers that is having some trouble with dark under eye circles.
(Hi Oralia!) :) So I decided to let you all know about some of my personal favorite concealers. I personally do not have major dark circles under my eyes but sometimes I do have slight darkness on the inner corners that I like to conceal and I always prefer a lot of brightness in the under eye area. One thing I would like to share with you that suffer from dark circles is that you should always try to neutralize and/or counter act the the darkness before you place any kind of brightening product in that area. In other words is you have light to medium skin I would go for a peachy-salmon colored corrector, and for darker skin tones I would use a more yellow based concealer. That being said let's move onto my concealer suggestions.

Here I have a variety of concealer brands from High end to drugstore. 

Let's start off with one that I personally cannot travel without and that is the Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser By: Maybelline This concealer can be found at all drugstores such as walgreens, cvs, target, walmart etc. The price on this concealer varies anywhere from $6-8 dollars depending on where you purchase it.In my opinion this is a great concealer. It covers amazingly and it feels so lightweight. Not to mention it is pretty long lasting. They also make one that is made to simply neutralize the dark pigmentation under the eyes and after that you can obviously add a lighter concealer to brighten the area if you were to choose to. I would like to add that it does come with a sponge tip applicator it is definitely not my favorite part of this concealer because it is not the most hygienic but then again how many germs could you possibly have under the eyes. 
For some reason this image would not rotate for me but you can still see how light weight this product is.

Now moving onto my next favorite the PROLONGWEAR Concealer by:M.A.C Cosmetics
This particular concealer is definitely a little more expensive but I assure you it is worth every penny of the $19 dollars I paid for it. I am sure you already guessed by the name and YES it is long wearing. It is made to be crease proof but as with any concealer I would still set it with a powder. This concealer definitely corrects and conceals any discoloration under my eyes and adds the perfect amount of brightness. This concealer is not as light weight as the one mentioned above it, but it is still comfortable on the skin. You can purchase this concealer at any MAC store or Macy's MAC counter. 

Next on the list is another high end product.
If you prefer a thicker creamier consistency to your concealer and don't mind paying for a high end product then I recommend trying the Erase Paste by Benefit. It's does a good job at concealing dark circles but because this concealer is a little more emollient you cannot skip setting it with a powder especially if you have an oily complexion. I personally did not like this for my under my eyes due to major creasing but that is due to my oily skin. If you have normal to dry skin this would be a good concealer for you. The price tag on this is $26.00 dollars and can be purchased at any Sephora or Ulta stores.

The Covergirl &Olay Simply ageless eye concealer is another good drugstore alternative. Although I  must admit for a drugstore concealer it is on the pricey end at $10.00 dollars but they do have a wide variety of colors and a neutralizer. This is also a more hydrating concealer that is due to the Olay moisturizer that is swirled into the concealer. But it is still pretty light weight and comfortable on the skin. I would definitely recommend this concealer on more mature skin that may be lacking some moisture in the under eye area.

Last but not least is the Maximum Coverage Concealer by E.L.F. Cosmetics
Okay this is a very affordable concealer at just $3 bucks its definitely a concealer that you should try and it won't break the bank if you don't like it. As you can see in the picture above it is a very thick consistency but it is absolutely full coverage. The only thing I do not like about this concealer is their lack of color variety. But if you are lucky enough to find your perfect shade and don't mind the thickness of the product then by all means try it out. 

Another concealer that I can recommend is the Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate in Brightening peach. You can find it at all Target stores it's an affordable alternative to the Benefit concealer. It is only $12.00 and offers great coverage without being extremely heavy on the skin. It is well known for Neutralizing and brightening. 

I hope all of my suggestions have been helpful in some way. If you have any questions or comments, I am always available via email or the comments below. You can also connect with me via Instagram, twitter or google+.

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