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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Amazing brushes all under $10.00

Hey everyone,
If you don't already know I am an eBay fanatic and I'm always on there trying to find good deals and new things to try out. During one of my recent eBay searches I came across these makeup brushes that were very reminiscent to sigma, MAC, and real techniques brushes. So I figured why not try them since they were all extremely affordable and if I didn't like them I could just keep them for when I do special fx makeup or find some other use for them.  Once they arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how well made they are and the softness. I was washed them and tried them and I fell in love.

Product breakdown:

The blue brush reminds me of The Real Techniques By: Samantha Chapman from YouTube's Pixiwoo channel. This brush was not as soft at the real techniques brushes which I also own and LOVE. However the knock off was not bad at all. It was very well made, no shedding. They are synthetic bristles and all in all it's an ok brush if you're wanting a brush like that and want to get it as cheap as possible. I paid $2.45 with free shipping. Grade: A-

The two shading brushes with white hairs pictured reminds me of the MAC #239 and actually works just as well as the real MAC brush. Collects the product perfectly, sturdy, no shedding, and is definitely an item I will be purchasing more of. I paid $2.44 for 2 of them with free shipping.  Grade:A+

The Style Master set of 4 brushes was by far one of the best purchases I have ever made on eBay. These completely remind me of a set my Sigma Beauty. The set is superbly made, no shedding, synthetic bristles, and blended the shadows and cream products beautifully. I paid $5.10 with free shipping for the set. They also had several other sets that I am now dying to get my hands on and will definitely be purchasing and will post a full review on them. Grade: A++

In case you are interested in purchasing the brushes from the same sellers I bought from here are their eBay ids:
Brush set  eBay seller: mrprince555
shading brushes eBay seller: sinedy
blue brush eBay seller: rabbitshcf