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Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Product Reviews:

Happy Monday everyone,

Today I wanted to review for you the e.l.f. Matte Lip colors. I've had two of them for a while now but I recently added a few more of them to my collection. Let me just say that I LOVE them! They are very nicely pigmented and pretty long lasting. I get at least a good two- three hours of wear out of them before I have to re-apply. I have to admit they are a little drying to the lips as most Matte lip products are of course but nothing too bad that I would stop the usage of them. I do wish they had more colors to pick from and I believe I am missing one of them but the one I'm missing is more on the brownish side which is not really a lip color I reach for quite often. All in all I would give this product grade: A - (only because I wish they had more colors.)

You can find these at your local Target and/or Walmart or at for $3.00 each. At such an affordable price I believe it's worth the try!

Stay tuned for more upcoming product reviews!