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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Product Review: Jordan Essentials Bath and Body

Hello my lovely readers,

I wanted to share another product review with you. Man I must be on fire this week because this is the third review. LoL 
I was lucky enough to make a new friend through and it just so happens that she has her own business and works with this awesome company called Jordan Essentials Bath and Body. They are an all natural company with amazing products. Brooke was kind enough to send me the " Sea Spa hand and body lotion." 

So let's start off this review with the description and prices the company has listed for this product.

"Enjoy the benefits of Shea butter and sunflower oil in a light lotion. Enriched with silk proteins, sunflower oil, and aloe, your skin will feel like silk. This is a perfect everyday lotion"
This lotion is available in 10 different fragrances and two sizes, the travel 2oz ($6.00-8.00) the 9oz. ($18.00-22.00)

I personally definitely have to agree with the claims the company has listed in the product description, It is the perfect everyday lotion. Since the day I received it I have only been using this product and I am in LOVE.  When you open up the bottle to apply it, it literally smells like heaven in a bottle. It is so smooth and hydrating. As someone who suffers from very dry hands all year long this has replaced my curel lotion that I have been using for years. One key point I would like to convey is the thickness of this product. 

This lotion is so thick you literally only need a small amount. A little goes a very long way. Therefore it will last longer and I love products that will give me more bang for my buck. All in all I give this product an A++ 

You definitely have to check her online store and her fan page to check out more of the products available from them. Don't forget to LIKE her facebook page to get updates for all the products.