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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains

Hey guys,
I've been trying these balm stains by Jordana for a few weeks now and wanted to share my opinion with you all. I originally only had one balm stick because for some reason my local Walgreens does not keep the Jordana display stocked all the time so I kept going back to check until I finally got my hands on two more of them. 

These retail at my local Walgreens for $1.99 and in my opinion its definitely worth checking them out. These balm stains are incredibly moisturizing and the colors are pigmented and very pretty. I'm definitely going to try and find more colors. There are a few things I didn't like of course as no product is ever perfect. This product is supposed to be a shiny moisturizing balm stain. Now it does moisturize and gives you great color pay off and gorgeous shine, however not all of these actually stained my lips. The standout lippie out of the ones pictured is the first one in Sweet Pink. Once I applied it, it looked as if I was wearing a lipstick and once the shine wore off a bit left my lips with a beautiful soft stain. The second stick pictured above was a disappointing one for me I loved the color itself but it had a very obvious chunky glitter and I am not really fond of glittery lips. Even after the shine and color wore off it left a crap load of glitter on them. ICK! Not cute at all! Had they made this color without the glitter it would have been the perfect nude to apply without a mirror. Now moving onto the last twist & shine stick the color itself is gorgeous and perfectly shiny, it's absolutely a color I will continue to wear. But once it wore off it didn't even stain my lips. I don't know if maybe I should have worn it longer or if I got a defective one but it didn't stain. In it's defense I was drinking coffee right after I applied it so it might have been that I didn't let it set or something like that. So if I were you I wouldn't dismiss this one without trying it first. All in all I think that these are good products and definitely will keep my eye out for more and will keep you updated on them. Not too mention you can't beat that price. Even if after you try them you still don't like them you would have only spent 2 bucks. Some people spend more on a single cup of Starbucks.

Happy Tuesday,