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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easy Pasta Side Dish...

Hey dolls,
So, if you're anything like me you're a sucker for quick and easy meals. Therefore I thought I'd share one of my favorite quick side dishes that doesn't involve too many ingredients.

This is my easy cheesy penne pleaser! 
Doesn't take much to make this side dish and you can certainly add or change the ingredients depending on your preferences. 


- Penne Pasta or any pasta of your preference.
- Kraft Green Goddess dressing
- Grape or cherry tomatoes or of course chopped Roma tomatoes
- Colby Jack shredded cheese 

You can add chopped avocados or cubed cheddar cheese instead of shredded and you can also substitute the green dressing for zesty Italian or even mayonnaise if you prefer a  more creamier taste.

This pasta is meant to be served cold so you can absolutely cook up your pasta the day before and have it chill over night in the fridge or just cook it up early in the day. 

Once you have cooked your pasta and it has chilled you can then add your dressing. I am not including a set measurement because it should be as dry or as creamy as you would like.  Add a handful of the shredded or cubed cheese and then slice or chop your tomatoes. Mix everything well and at this point you can add any extra ingredients that you may want and serve it up with your main dish.

Today I served it along with homemade burgers...

I hope you enjoy this recipe and you find it just as tasty as my family. 

From my kitchen to yours,