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Friday, June 13, 2014

My summer reading list. What's on yours??

Hey dolls,

For those of you who know me personally you know I am a sucker for mystery and romance novels so of course this summer I had to include at least one or two of each subject. Anyway I thought it would be fun to share with you the books I am currently reading and the books that I plan to read during the summer. 

I am currently enjoying a novel by Carol Higgins Clark. Her novels are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Her writing has an uncanny way of getting you hooked. Once you read one you just want more. Especially her " Reagen Reilly Mysteries." 

I am about half way done with this one. I am liking it so far. It is a book that was released a few years ago but some how I seem to have missed it. I do however feel it's a little slow in getting to the plot of the story but nonetheless I am enjoying it and I cannot wait to move on to the next novel on my kindle list.  Which is...

Another novel by Carol Higgins Clark:
Another mystery novel. 

I was browsing around Amazon on the hunt for a few more book titles to add to my summer reading list and I definitely came across a few that caught my attention.

All of these have now been added to my amazon library and I hope I have a chance to get through all of them this summer.  I am absolutely looking forward to reading " Captive in Iran" as I have heard it's an amazing story. 

I hope you all enjoy this post and I would love to see what's on your summer reading list. Don't be shy and share it with me. 

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