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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bridal series for ( bold and elegant)

Hello and Happy November everyone!

Can you believe it? We are so close to the beginning of a new year. I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone by. I wanted to kick off the month of November with a new series of makeup looks and pictorials. This awesome company contacted me and asked me to create a few looks for them that they can pair up with some gorgeous wedding gowns. The company is called and you can use their site to find everything you need for your perfect wedding. So they sent me me a few photos of some beautiful wedding gowns as inspiration and gave me complete artistic freedom to create the looks as I would for an actual client. Of course I had to begin this series with the gown that caught my attention first. Not only does is feature one of my favorite colors but I loved how by adding a little touch of color to the dress made it edgy but still very elegant. Because the dress is a little out there from the usual classic white dress I decided to focus on the eyes for this look and do a dramatic and bold look, while still keeping it classy and not too disco ball.


 I felt that any bride that were to choose this type of wedding dress  is definitely different and out there. Therefore I wanted to go bold and continue with the purple theme. So I made the eyes the main  focus and kept the lips very neutral so that I wouldn't take too much away from what is the main focal point of this dress. Which is the beautiful pattern and color at the lower half of the dress. It definitely gives off a beautiful funky vibe and that definitely inspired me to create this look. 



Step 1: Always start out by priming the lid with an eye base or primer to keep your eye shadows from creasing and ensure they stay put until you're ready for it to come off.
Quick tip: As you can see I have a strip of tape on along the eye. This is to help as a guide as to where to place the eye shadow and ensures you don't go beyond a certain point and it also help you get a perfect crisp line when applying eye liner. So if you have trouble with your liner this is a perfect trick for you.

Step 2: After you place that tape start the look off by adding your transition shade. This shade should be a soft brown. This will help add a slight warmth to the look and it will also help you blend out any other shades you place in the same area. So using a fluffy blending brush start sweeping that soft brown shade in a windshield wiper motion going back and forth from one end of the eye to the other and blend it upwards.

Step 3: Using a darker brown start carving out your crease by applying it into the hollows of your eye and sweeping it back and forth trying to focus that shade on the outer V of the eye. Don't forget to blend, blend, blend!

Step 4: With a flat shader brush apply a shimmery champagne shade onto the lid only using a patting motion. By patting it onto the lid it will concentrate the look only where you are patting it. 

Step 5: Using any vibrant purple shadow of your choice and a more densely packed blending brush start out by applying it into the outer V of the eye and blending inwards towards the tear duct but keeping it all in your crease.

Quick tip: When using vibrant colors apply the shadows a little at a time. Remember you can always add more but it is harder to remove once its been applied. Applying it little by little avoids you having to start over if you have applied too much.

Step 6: After I applied the shadows and felt that they have been blended enough I then used my Lorac 3D liquid lustre in the shade Diamond. Which is essentially a liquid form of glitter. Using my finger I patted it onto the area where I had applied the champagne shade. 

Then finish off your look with liner, false lashes and using the same purple shadow smoke out your lower lash line. 

I kept the rest of the face fairly neutral by adding warmth to the skin with a bronzer and peachy pink blush and nude lips. The eyes should be the main focus to this look.

I hope you enjoyed this look and if you are interested in what products I used to achieve this look don't hesitate to leave me a comment below. Always remember that when doing any bold eye look blending is key. 
Also don't forget to check out the company and stay tuned this week for the rest of the wedding looks. 


                                      You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter!