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Monday, August 24, 2015

My 5-Minute mommy makeup!

Hey dolls!

I have now entered the world of having a child in elementary school and have only a few minutes to myself to get ready in the morning . I wanted the most minimal look but still wanted to look awake and polished. I wouldn't want to show up to my sons school looking like a zombie!
So I thought I'd share what I used to achieve my 5-minute makeup look with all of you fellow mom's. Even if you are not a mom on the go, this would be a good look for those of you who go to school (high School, college etc.) Of course you can always customize this look with the products that work best for your skin, or complexion. You can also add products as needed such as concealer, bronzer etc. I personally do not suffer from very dark circles under my eyes therefore I skipped the concealer this morning and just concentrated on making my skin look healthy and even. I also skipped the mascara because my eyes typically water pretty badly in the mornings and since it was my sons first day of kinder I figured I would probably be shedding a couple of tears anyway so I didn't see a point to adding mascara to my look today...

I began by moisturizing and evening out my skin tone. My favorite way to achieve that when I am in a hurry is by using the Origins Vita-zing sheer tint moisturizer. Kills two birds with one stone by moisturizing my skin while at the same time adding a little coverage to my skin without it looking cakey or like you're wearing too much.

You can purchase this product at any Sephora, Macys, Nordstrom or Origins store.

I then powdered my face with my favorite of the moment. The Maybelline Fit-Me powders work wonders for me. I used a powder puff and pressed the powder into the skin. I prefer using that method for this look because it helps add coverage versus using a brush would simply dust the face to set the makeup.

Can be purchased at any Walmart, target, walgreens or cvs stores.

Since I hardly have any brows I lightly pencil mine in and then use a little powder to set them in place and keep the pencil from simply melting off. I use the Maybelline define-a-brow pencil in taupe and set them with a brown powder shadow from the Sonia Kashuk Eye-on-neutral palette.

As you can see I love this palette!
At this point if you would like to add a little bronzer to help warm up the skin or for those of you that don't dare go without blush you can apply it at this point.

After all the steps I finished off my look with my favorite makeup setting spray. And you're all done! This look is quick, easy and simple enough to ensure you look put together during those hectic mornings!